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Why Oracle’s donation of OpenOffice disappoints

While Oracle deserves some praise for its donation of code to the Apache Foundation, it is disappointing again to see a legitimate open source market contender that has been marginalized by miscommunication and mismanagement of the project by a large vendor., warts and all, was probably the most significant competition for Microsoft Office for years and in many ways demonstrated the advantages of open source, helping usher in wider use of it, as well as greater usability. OO.o was in fact my reason for originally investigating and moving to open source software more than a decade ago. Regardless of past mismanagement of community and technology, that competitive factor has been diminished greatly since Oracle took ownership of OO.o. Now, after prompting a fork — as has …

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How To – Resolve Adobe PDF Printer is Not Bound to Adobe PDF Port

Background Knowledge

I have Windows Vista with Adobe Acrobat Professional v8.1.3 installed and I was trying to covert to Adobe PDF within Microsoft Publisher 2007.

Error Message

Acrobat PDFMaker reported the following error message dialog, “Adobe PDF Printer is not bound to Adobe PDF Port. Cannot proceed further. Kindly change the PDF Port to Adobe PDF Port in Adobe PDF Printer Settings”.


  1. Go to Control Panel -> Printers.
  2. Right mouse click on “Adobe PDF” and left click on “Properties”.
  3. Left mouse click on “Ports” tab.
  4. Uncheck mark the current port that is presently check marked. Place a checkmark on either “Desktop\*.pdf” or “Documents\*.pdf”. Ensure the description is “Adobe PDF Port”.
  5. Left …
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Mastering The Linux Shell – Bash Shortcuts Explained (Now With Cheat Sheets)

During my day-to-day activities, I use the Bash shell a lot. My #1 policy is to optimize the most frequently used activities as much as possible, so Iâ€ve compiled these handy bash shortcuts and hints (tested in SecureCRT on Windows and Konsole on Linux). The article only touches on the default bash mode – emacs, not vi. If you havenâ€t specifically assigned your shell mode to vi (set –o vi), youâ€re almost certainly using the emacs mode. Learn these and your shell productivity will skyrocket, I guarantee it.

Update #1: In response to a few people saying this list is too short and “[he] could've added something to it, to atleast make it look longer†(quote from one of Stumbleupon reviewers), I want to clarify something. I deliberately did not include …

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Grab your High Performance MySQL sample content

Final versions of High Performance MySQL, Second Edition sample content are posted at the official website. You can download unrestricted PDFs of the foreword, table of contents, chapter 4 (Query Performance Optimization), and the index.

PDF, Sample Chapter

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