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Mastering The Linux Shell – Bash Shortcuts Explained (Now With Cheat Sheets)

During my day-to-day activities, I use the Bash shell a lot. My #1 policy is to optimize the most frequently used activities as much as possible, so Iâ€ve compiled these handy bash shortcuts and hints (tested in SecureCRT on Windows and Konsole on Linux). The article only touches on the default bash mode – emacs, not vi. If you havenâ€t specifically assigned your shell mode to vi (set –o vi), youâ€re almost certainly using the emacs mode. Learn these and your shell productivity will skyrocket, I guarantee it.

Update #1: In response to a few people saying this list is too short and “[he] could've added something to it, to atleast make it look longer†(quote from one of Stumbleupon reviewers), I want to clarify something. I deliberately did not include …

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