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BSL BS: How do you backport fixes from MaxScale 2.0 to MaxScale 1.0?

I have created a GitHub fork of MaxScale which does not include the 2.0 branch.  The repository is called GPLScale.

There is a big potential problem with this.  Take for example the file server/core/utils.c, which now has a new license:

This file WAS covered under GPL:

When there is a bugfix in 2.0 for server code that existed in 1.0, can that code be backported directly into GPLscale?

a) util.c in 2.0 is clearly …

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How To – Resolve Adobe PDF Printer is Not Bound to Adobe PDF Port

Background Knowledge

I have Windows Vista with Adobe Acrobat Professional v8.1.3 installed and I was trying to covert to Adobe PDF within Microsoft Publisher 2007.

Error Message

Acrobat PDFMaker reported the following error message dialog, “Adobe PDF Printer is not bound to Adobe PDF Port. Cannot proceed further. Kindly change the PDF Port to Adobe PDF Port in Adobe PDF Printer Settings”.


  1. Go to Control Panel -> Printers.
  2. Right mouse click on “Adobe PDF” and left click on “Properties”.
  3. Left mouse click on “Ports” tab.
  4. Uncheck mark the current port that is presently check marked. Place a checkmark on either “Desktop\*.pdf” or “Documents\*.pdf”. Ensure the description is “Adobe PDF Port”.
  5. Left …
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