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Olympics 2008 Facebook app powered by Zembly, GlassFish & MySQL
Zembly is a browser-based social application development environment that allows you to create and host social applications targeted at Facebook, meebo, OpenSocial, iPhone and many others. Zembly is powered by Solaris, GlassFish and MySQL and running on …
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2008 MySQL Conference Videos, Notes, Slides and Photos!

All of the videos from the 2008 MySQL Conference have been processed and uploaded. Links to the videos, slides, notes, photos for each presentation are all on the mega-conference page at:

This represents many hours of my own toil, but it also reflects plenty of people who have blogged, edited the wiki pages and speakers who wrote and gave tutorials and presentations. I am proud of everyone’s efforts to offer so many learning resources for free….

Enjoy! EDIT: I forgot to thank Jay, the folks at O’Reilly and all the speakers for giving me explicit permission to video and freely offer their presentations.

If you know of any video, audio, notes, slides, photos, etc that are not linked, please link them at the wiki page. If you can’t or won’t, please comment here and I will update the wiki …

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Video: Who is the Dick on My Site Keynote

I have already blogged about this keynote at

If you are interested in actually seeing the video, the 286 Mb .wmv file can be downloaded at and played through your browser by clicking the “play” link at This is not to be missed!

MySQL Conference: The Week After

Wow... I had a great time at the annual MySQL Users Conference in Santa Clara.Highlights:Received my CMDBA designation. Woohoo!Sun announced the possibility of an open source mobile phone;All day mysql proxy tutorial with Jan Kneschke and Giuseppe Maxia;Amazon's Power of Infrastructure as a Service - great premise; glitches remain;Great food and a nifty side trip to Santa Cruz;MySQL Workbench -

Liveblogging: A Match Made in Heaven? The Social Graph and the Database

Jeff Rothschild of Facebook’s “A Match Made in Heaven? The Social Graph and the Database”

Taking a look at the social graph and what it means for the database.

The social graph:

  • At it’s heart it’s about people and their connections.
  • Learning about people who are in your world.
  • Can be a powerful tool for accelerating the use of an application.

“The social graph has transformed a seemingly simple application such as photos into something tremendously more powerful.” We’re interested about what people are saying about us, and about our friends. Social applications are compelling.

Facebook users blew through the estimate for 6 months of storage in 6 weeks. It is serving 250,000 photos per second at peak time, not including profiles. Facebook serves more photos than even the photo sites out there, and serves more event invitations …

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Liveblogging: Who is the Dick on My Site?

Identity 2.0: A world that’s simple, safe and secure.

Who is the Dick on My Site? by Dick Hardt (Sxip Identity Corporation)

“Really, data is about people. It’s really identity data.”

“Identity helps you predict behavior.”

“Identity is who you are.”

“Identity is also what you like.”

“Identity enables you to uniquely identify somebody.”

“There are things that other people say about you, too.”

“Modern identity is about photo IDs so you can prove your identity.”

“Identity is a complicated issue….Everyone has a different idea of what it is.”

Identity transactions are:

  • party identification (who)
  • authorization (permission)
  • profile exchange (info about that person)
  • NOT record matching

Identity transactions can be: …

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Panel Video: Scaling MySQL ? Up or Out?

Yesterday’s keynote panel on “Scaling MySQL — Up or Out?”

Directly download the 310MB wmv file (not if you are on the conference wireless please!), or watch it in your browser via streaming — simply click the “play” link on this page.

Keith Murphy managed to take painstaking notes with all the facts and figures. As well, Venu Anuganti presents a chart with the results as well as notes on the more detailed answers. Ronald Bradford has a brief summary of the 20 seconds of wisdom from each panelist.

MySQL Sandbox: Easily Using Multiple Database Servers in Isolation by Giuseppe Maxia

Here are my liveblogging notes from MySQL Sandbox: Easily Using Multiple Database Servers in Isolation by Giuseppe Maxia

Giuseppe has been a community member since 2001, and in the past year or so, a MySQL Employee.

He likes to give things away for free — he gave away T-shirts to the early arrivers to the workshop, and that’s why he’s giving away the sandbox as well. The sandbox is NOT an official MySQL product. It is released from GPL, available from

Why the sandbox? To be able to set up 1 server in under 10 seconds. And to be able to set up multiple MySQL instances very quickly, and to use them quickly.

The sandbox untars in seconds, for …

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Best Practices for Database Administrators slides and links

Yesterday I presented “Best Practices for Database Administrators” at the MySQL User Conference and Expo. I was successful in streaming the live video on, and you can see it in totality at

The slides are available in pdf form. And here are some of the links I spoke about:


MySQL 5.0 manual

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Jonathan Schwartz?s Keynote at the 2008 MySQL Conference

Jonathan Schwartz’s Keynote at the 2008 MySQL Conference can be played directly in your browser or you can download the 147MB .wmv file. (Please do not download the movie on the conference wireless system!)

I finally realized who Jonathan Schwartz reminds me of:

That’s right, comedian and magician Penn Jillette.

Schwartz started by saying, “enough of this free software stuff!” It got lots of laughs. He started to talk about Sun’s agenda, and mentioned that MySQL and Sun had similar values, as well as similar dysfunctions as well — particularly that each engineer has his/her own opinion.

But Schwartz goes on in earnest to say “The …

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