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Porting this Oracle MySQL feature to MariaDB would be great ;-)

Oracle has done a great technical work with MySQL. Specifically a nice job has been done around security. There is one useful feature that exists in Oracle MySQL and that currently does not exist in MariaDB. Oracle MySQL offers the possibility from within the server to generate asymetric key pairs. It is then possible use ...continue reading "Porting this Oracle MySQL feature to MariaDB would be great ;-)"

A critical piece is missing for Oracle MySQL 8 (GA) …

Oracle MySQL 8.0 has been declared GA but a critical piece is missing … MySQL 8 is a fantastic release embedding the work of brilliant Oracle engineering. I will not detail all the great features of MySQL 8 as there are a lot of great presentations around it. One of my main concern regarding ...continue reading "A critical piece is missing for Oracle MySQL 8 (GA) …"

451 CAOS Links. 2011.12.02

Talend delivers v5. Zentyal raises series A. The TCO of OSS. And more.

# Talend announced version 5 of its data integration suite, adding business process management capabilities via an OEM relationship with BonitaSoft. Yves De Montcheuil explained the name changes in version 5.

# Zentyal closed a series A venture capital funding of over $1m by Open Ocean …

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On Loyalty, Competition and Underdogs

“So, I suppose MySQL’s main competitor is Oracle?” is a frequent question I get asked by the press. “Well, we don’t really compete heads-on with other databases. We co-exist! Just as an example: Over a third of respondents in an Oracle User Group survey said they also use MySQL”, I answer.

The reporter then continues “But everyone has a main competitor. Don’t you plan for people to migrate from Oracle to MySQL?”. I continue with “Not really. Migrations do happen, but not all that often. MySQL tends to be used in new applications.”

“But surely you must have some competitive atmosphere, or equivalent feelings towards Oracle.” The reporter never gives up. “Don’t you at least internally joke about your relationship with Oracle?”.

And that’s where I will now have a new answer for whichever reporter nexts goes …

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Webinar - Reduce the TCO with MySQL

I have presented this webinar in Italian on Mon 12th Feb. The main topic was the scale-out strategy with MySQL, based on Replication, MySQL Cluster, in combination with other HA solutions, such as DRBD. This picture shows an example of shard using DRBD and MySQL Replication.

The recording (in Italian) and the slides (in English) of the webinar are available here:

Here is an abstract of the Q&A session (still italian):

Q from Giovanni: Volendo implementare una soluzione Mysql in un ambiente completamente virtuale (macchine virtuali su piattaforma esx server clusterizzata) è preferibile aumentare semplicemente il numero di mysql server …

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