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451 CAOS Links - 2008.07.01

Progress acquires IONA. Red Hat announces quarterly earnings. Optaros raises new round of funding. (and more)

Progress Software Corporation to Acquire IONA Technologies, Progess Software / IONA Technologies (Press Release)

Red Hat Reports First Quarter Results, Red Hat (Press Release)

Optaros Closes $12 Million in Series C Financing Co-Led by .406 Ventures & Globespan Capital Partners, Optaros (Press Release)

Sourcefire, Inc. Responds to Barracuda Networks …

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Week Highlights - MySQL and Sun, BEA and Oracle, SailFin, Paul Sterk ...

• Sun and MySQL

Welcome Aboard!,


More Reactions

• Access Control -

ANYONE Access,

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Oracle Buys BEA

It took a bit (see the Original News back in October 06) but this time Oracle got through (NYTimes Article).

Like last time (Original Thread) there are several threads at TheServerSide covering the topic: Rod Johnson on Oracle/BEA and Oracle set to buy BEA for $8.5B. And, like last time, the threads …

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Springsource CEO pontificates on the Sun / MySQL deal

I’m sorry that I haven’t commented on the BEA acquisition. It’s just been too obvious for too long, I can’t get excited even though it’s really really big. Manifest destiny manifested, that’s it. On the other hand… Tip of the hat to Lucas Jellema at AMIS who posts his own commentary on the acquisition and also provides [...]

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