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Tab Sweep: Email, AntClassLoader, CouchBase Manager, Memory Usage, ...

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Java, GlassFish v3, High CPU and Memory Usage, Locked Threads, Death (Gregor Bowie)
Why I will continue to use Spring *and* Java EE in new Enterprise Java Projects in 2012/2013 (Nikos Maravitsas)
The Most Frequently Asked Question About Java EE 6 & NetBeans (Geertjan)
• …

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Tab Sweep: jBPM5, Hibernate Logging, Grizzly 2.2.5, Cache and JPA 2.0, Observer Pattern, . . .

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Using Java Persistence API for Java SE 7 Desktop applications in NetBeans 7 (Oracle Learning Library)
Use jBPM5 embedded within a Java EE 6 application (akquinet)
If JAX-RS had an MVC framework? (Mamadou Lamine Ba)
• …

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Tab Sweep - JSON, OSGi, GlassFish+NetBeans experience, JAXB and JodaTime, file uploads & more

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

JSON to Java with JDK6 (Julien)
What does the future hold for OSGi without leader Peter Kriens? (JAXenter)
JavaCloudGuy: Glassfish (Java EE 6) is now available as option in #cumulogic (Twitter)
JAXB and Joda-Time: Dates and Times

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Waiting for Godot, Migrating to JavaEE 6, and Other Highlights from Nov 21th, 2009

Today is Nov 21th, 2009.

News shorts of interest to our communities, including:
New date for EU review of Oracle/Sun acquisition, getting closer to v3 fcs, new OpenESB and OpenDS releases, Devoxx whiteboards, new customers and japanese event, and more.

Waiting for Godot
I read Waiting for Godot for HS, but I didn't expect to live it...

On …

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Extra GlassFish News - Nov 8th, 2009

This is the first of our weekly news catch-up and covers Nov 1 to Nov 11, 2009. This week the news catch-up is partial; next week I'll create the entry through the week and will try to be more comprehensive.

This week we also cover old news on JRuby and OSGi.

GlassFish and Middleware News

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This Week in OurDelta - Vol 5

While hard at work, it’s important to be visible so people don’t wonder if there’s anything happening… the open source development model is extremely good for this, things are just public all the time. Some may find this a source of stress or potential embarassment, but I think it’s great and overall makes for better quality code, products, and a nicer work environment.

To see what’s going on with OurDelta right now, we need to take a peek at where the Percona developers have been busy putting in lots of changes in both the 5.0.67 tree  (mainly little improvements and fixes to existing patches) as well as working on the 5.1 ports of the 5.0 patches. Launchpad lets you subscribe to a particular branch, so you get notified when there’s a new commit, and see the changeset comment. That’s a very handy way to keep up to date.

For OurDelta, the first 5.1 release …

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This Week in OurDelta - Vol 4

OpenSQL Camp 2008 has come and gone, and hooray again for Baron who came up with the idea and made most of it happen (but let’s not forget Sheeri!)  Events such as these are always educational, but the most interesting stuff happens outside of the organised sessions (and this being an un-conf, they weren’t that strictly planned anyway

For me (Arjen) a major chunk of the exercise was acquiring jetlag there and back with no days to spare either side, but I feel it was well worth it. I spent most of the time listening and talking with people rather than coding. It was a great opportunity to catch up with Monty, the Percona crew (Baron, Peter, Vadim, Tom, and more - there’s so many of them now!), Brian, Stewart, Jay, Pat, Eric and other Drizzlers, Sheeri, active OurDelta people like Nick and Rob, ex-Brisbanite Ronald, and of course Jim who …

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This Week in OurDelta - Vol 3

This week saw the release of OurDelta patchset d7 build of MySQL 5.0.67, basically a cleaned-up update of the earlier (and first) OurDelta d6 build. The number of downloads/fetches within the first few hours surpassed the total number from the previous weeks.

Downloads and yum/apt-get repository fetches now always go via one of our mirrors, as obviously the main server can’t possibly handle all that attention! By default you just get sent to “somewhere on the planet”, although you can tweak your repo setup to only use specific mirrors. If you want to become a mirror for OurDelta, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add you in; the more the merrier!

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid is now also supported. We welcome input on which additional platforms are desirable.

There was a  …

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This week in OurDelta - Vol 2

This week we’ve been working on…

  • The re-jigged build system, so we have a single patched baseline source tarball that’s then used for all the different builds, as well as being available for you to download and build yourself.
  • Noarch distro rpm for all CentOS to more easily drop repo files into YUM.
  • The repo/download mirror system, it’ll be ready to go from the next build (domain/paths will change slightly). Add your name to if you’d like to be a mirror.
  • More documentation for existing (and new) patches. Currently WordPress mucks up the tabs when inside the docs pages, if you’re a WP guru who can fix this, please get in touch!
  • Fixing up existing and updated patches. We really …
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This week in OurDelta - Vol 1

It’s been about a week since the initial launch of the first 5.0 packages and the OurDelta website, so it’s time for some first impressions and an update on what’s going on right now…

  • Immediately lots of hits on the site (from 67 distinct countries), most downloads and repo retrieves started happening a few days later.
  • Interest spiked even more when we put up the Debian 4.0 (Etch) packages, apparently there was serious pent-up demand there!
  • Lots of positive responses from clients, user groups, global MySQL community, and in fact also from within Sun/MySQL. That’s very nice, as it provides confirmation we’re doing something worthwhile!
  • No negative responses, blog posts or articles that I know of (and yes I did search around a bit through Google, Technorati, etc) which is of …
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