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Migrating Ownership of Your Stored Routines, Views, and Triggers in MySQL

“It would be nice to have an option, that would allow to suppress the DEFINER statement in the CREATE VIEW statements generated by mysqldump. This would help when transferring data structures between databases with different security models.” 


Use mysqlpump with option


instead of


. The Story

This was requested as MySQL Bug #24680 on Nov 29, 2006. This feature request got large Community support. Even if we cannot see the number of people who voted for this request, the number of comments is impressive.

The request is very reasonable:


is widely used during application development and it is a very common practice to migrate database structure …

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How to use mysqlpump for faster MySQL logical backup ?

MySQL 5.7.8 introduced much improved version of mysqldump, It’s called “mysqlpump”, mysqlpump is much faster than mysqldump with parallel threads capabilities, There are many other compelling reasons for choosing mysqlpump over mysqldump, This blog is about how mysqlpump can be used for good. mysqlpump is relatively a new utility of MySQL and we are confident that Oracle MySQL will invest more to make mysqlpump efficient, we haven’t recommended mysqlpump in production for any of our customers till date, considering several concerns. The following below are mysqlpump features we are really excited about:

  • Supports parallel MySQL logical backup, The resource usage efficiency and high performance backups (we love it !)
  • Much better orchestration possible – You can backup selected databases, tables, stored programs and user accounts etc.
  • By default mysqlpump will not backup performance_schema, sys schema, …
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Backing up users and privileges in MySQL

There are two simple ways to backup only the users and privileges in MySQL:

1- Using mysqlpump utility (as create user and grant statements):

[shell ~]$ mysqlpump -uUSER -p --exclude-databases=% --add-drop-user --users > /tmp/pump-all-users_privileges-timestamp.sql
Dump completed in 1364 milliseconds

Sample output:

[shell ~]$ head /tmp/pump-all-users_privileges-timestamp.sql

-- Dump created by MySQL pump utility, version: 5.7.21-20, Linux (x86_64)
-- Dump start time: Sun May 13 23:30:49 2018
-- Server version: 5.7.21

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The mysqlpump Utility

In this blog, we’ll look at the




 is a utility that performs logical backups (which means backing up your data as SQL statements instead of a raw copy of data files). It was added in MySQL Server version 5.7.8, and can be used to dump a database or a set of databases to a file and then loaded on another SQL server (not necessarily a MySQL server).

Its usage is similar to


, but it includes a new set of features. Many of the options are the same, but it was written from scratch to avoid being limited to


 compatibility. The Main Features Include:

  • To make the dump process faster, it allows parallel processing of databases and objects within databases.
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