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Relationalize Unstructured Data In AWS Athena with GrokSerDe

Managing the logs in a centralized repository is one of the most common best practices in the DevOps world. Application logs, system logs, error logs, and any databases logs also will be pushed into your centralized repository. You can use ELK stack or Splunk to visualize the logs to get better insights about it. But as a SQL guy, I wanted to solve this problem with Bigdata ecosystem(use SQL). As a part of that process, we can relationalize unstructured data in AWS Athena with the help of GrokSerDe.

Here S3 is my centralized repository. I know it will not scale like ElasticSearch, but why should I miss this Fun. For this use case, Im going to rationalize the SQL Server Error log in AWS Athena. Let’s take a look at the SQL server’s error log pattern.

2019-09-21 12:53:17.57 Server      UTC adjustment: 0:00
2019-09-21 12:53:17.57 Server      (c) Microsoft Corporation.
2019-09-21 12:53:17.57 Server      All rights reserved. …
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What products & improvements are new on AWS?

Amazon is releasing new products & services to it’s global cloud compute network at a rate that has all of our heads spinning. Join 32,000 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean. Here’s new stuff worth mentioning around databases & data. 1. For ETL – AWS GLUE Moving data from your transactional MySQL or … Continue reading What products & improvements are new on AWS? →

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