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Business continuity with geographically distributed multi-master MySQL clusters

Global data access can greatly expand the reach of your business. Continuent's multi-site multi-master (MSMM) solutions enable applications to accept write traffic in multiple locations across on-premises and vCloud Air. This includes the following important real-world use cases:

Improve performance for globally distributed users registering hardware devices by permitting updates on the

Picking the Right Clustering for MySQL: Cloud-only Services or Flexible Tungsten Clusters? New webinar-on-demand

As businesses head into the cloud, it is tempting to reach for the first product that offers to make database operation as simple as punching a few buttons on a menu.  However, there’s a big difference between firing up cloud database services such as Amazon RDS for testing or development and finding a solution that can handle hundreds of millions of transactions daily. This webinar-on-demand

Geographically distributed multi-master MySQL clusters

In today's webinar, we discuss the multi-master capabilities of Continuent Tungsten to help you build and manage systems that spread data across multiple sites. 

We cover important topics such as setting up large scale topologies, handling failures, and how to handle data privacy issues like removing personally identifiable information or handling privacy law restrictions on data movement. We

Tungsten University: Configure & provision Continuent Tungsten clusters

Are you unsure of the steps needed to get your Continuent Tungsten cluster up-and-running? In this virtual course, we will teach you how to get from a single database server to a scalable cluster, or from a brittle MySQL replication system to a transparent, manageable Tungsten cluster. 

We will discuss the benefits of leveraging Continuent Tungsten clustering with MySQL, and walk you through the

Webinar Monday, Nov 5th @ 15:00 GMT - MySQL High Availability Realized

High Availability (HA) ensures all important business information is available for your application even when there is no database failure. This includes:

How about when you are upgrading your database schema? What if you need to add memory to a database server or reconfigure/restart MySQL? If your apps want to read data from a MySQL slave, how can you be sure they are not reading stale data

Haute disponibilité MySQL, par Continuent

La haute disponibilité, c’est garantir aux applications un accès permanent aux données, même en cas de panne. Permanent ? Même lorsque vous mettez à jour le schéma de vos bases ? Que vous ajoutez de la RAM sur un serveur ? Que vous reconfigurez ou redémarrez MySQL ?   

Comment lire les données depuis un nœud esclave avec une garantie que les données sont à jour, sans changement applicatif ?

Webinar 5/31: Building a multi-master, multi-region MySQL solution in the Cloud

Growth is good, right? Yes, unless you are the one building and managing a MySQL database tier to handle all this growth!

Your company has built a great new app and launched it in the cloud. And now you are seeing what many wish for: an exponential adoption of your app. 

But is your database tier really up to the job? 

What happens if your MySQL server fails? Can you fail over to a replica

MySQL multi-site operations with Tungsten Enterprise geo-clustering -- Webinar 12/1

Spreading data across multiple sites solves some important problems, including ensuring business continuity, disaster recovery (DR) as well as availability of applications spread across the globe. Join us to learn how Tungsten Enterprise can start with existing, off-the-shelf MySQL databases and build them out to create easy-to-manage clusters spanning multiple hosts and sites. We'll cover the

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