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MONyog 2.9 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 2.83) includes:


* This release adds a ‘base time’ setting in MONyog. This setting (if defined by user) will be used for calculation of uptime-based counters. The reason for this implementation is that if FLUSH STATUS is executed with a MySQL server, specific server status variables will be reset to the same value as would be after a server restart. However the ‘uptime’ status variable itself is not affected by FLUSH STATUS. And as uptime-based counters will relate the value of cumultive status variables with some intial time, using the ‘uptime’ variable as the initial time will result in calculation of misleading values if FLUSH STATUS was executed. So to get true uptime-based counters in MONyog with servers that do not support the ‘uptime_since_flush_status’ variable (and currently only 5.0 COMMUNITY servers from 5.0.37 do - not ENTERPRISE servers …

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MONyog 2.8 Has Been Released
Dashboard view of the Top 5 tables being used by this blog. Current release of MONyog shows the disk usage even at table level.

Changes (as compared to 2.72) include:

* Added new monitoring module displaying disk usage information for databases and tables.
* Display of slow log data in Log Analyser had added more information (about when query occured, information about number of rows examined and sent)

Bug fixes:
* When a multibyte character was used in a connection name the display would garble and also the connection could not be deleted from GUI.
* When connection was not available the caption for counters should display “n/a”. Since 2.71 it would instead display a string exposing an internal …

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MONyog 2.7 Has Been Released

* CPU optimisations in both MONyog (server) process (in particular when ‘Monitors/Advisors’ page was being viewed) and browser processes (viewing Dashboard could cause high CPU usage in Firefox browser in particular).

Bug fix:
* Fixed a dependency with the SSH library that could cause failure to install in Win2K. This was an issue with the updated SSH library introduced with version 2.5.

* The RPM installer scripts for Linux were updated in various ways. This solves issues on specific distributions including: 1) uninstall with the SuSE/YaST ’software management’ GUI was not possisble. 2) It was not always possible to install on top of a running MONyog service - sometimes it was necessary to stop service manually before upgrading. Also note: when updating from trial to single/multi server or from single server to multi server it …

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MONyog 2.6 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 2.51) include:

* Log Analyzer code has been completely refactored resulting in better performance and stability and more maintainable code.
* The progress indicator for downloads in Log Analyzer page is now a true quantitative progress bar.
* Error messages in Log Analyzer were rewritten. Every single possible error is now differentiated by a specific message providing help for the situation.

Bug fixes:
* “Group by” option in history/trends page could deliver incorrect results if MySQL and MONyog were using different timezones.
* With SFTP connection to the log file selecting “ALL” for log size to be downloaded in Log Analyzer page could have the result that the log file download would last forever.
* Analyzing log chunks containing BULK INSERT statements could in special situations cause a program …

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MONyog 2.5 has been released

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to release MONyog 2.5 FINAL.

First: for the overall concepts and considerations with this release please refer to this BLOG post (from the release of first beta).

Details for this release (as compared to version 2.06) are:


MySQL Server Log Analysis: MONyog is now able to retrieve (completely or partially) the General Query Log and the Slow Query Log (whether stored as files or tables on the server) from the MySQL servers it connects to and analyze them.

Query Sniffer: A ‘query sniffer’ is implemented that will record a ‘pseudo log’ on the client (MONyog) side. The sniffer is useful when ‘real logs’ are …

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Independent MONyog review by Sheeri Cabral of The Pythian Group

Sheeri Cabral, an active MySQL blogger and two-time winner of MySQL Community Contributor awards has written a great review on MONyog.

Read the full review here

Our favorite highlights:

As an overall review — MONyog is the best out-of-the-box GUI monitoring tool for MySQL that I have seen. It “just works.” As promised, getting up and running quickly is easy, and having a centralized location for monitoring is very useful. The graphs are beautiful and the statistics that are graphed are useful time-savers.

The biggest difference between MySQL’s Enterprise Monitor and MONyog is that MONyog is agentless. At Pythian, we have many clients with differing security requirements. Requiring a daemon process to be running is not something we currently do, and it might be a hard sell for some clients. Even if every client was …

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MONyog 2.5 RC has been released

Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Optimized SFTP code. This means that the Log Analyzer is now several times faster than previous Betas
  • Fixed an issue with trending
  • Log file parsing issue with MySQL 5.1.x resolved


Reviewing MONyog

I was contacted by the folks at MONyog and asked if I would review MONyog. Since using MONyog is something I have been wanting to do for a while, I jumped at the chance. Of course, “jumped” is relative; Rohit asked me at the MySQL User Conference back in April, and here it is two months later, in June. My apologies to folks for being slow.

This review is an overall review of MONyog as well as specifically reviewing the newest features released in the recent beta (Version 2.5 Beta 2). Feature requests are easily delineated with (feature request). This review is quite long, feel free to bookmark it and read it at your leisure. If you have comments please add them, even if it takes a while for you to read this entire article.

While the webyog website gives some information about what MONyog can do, it is a bit vague about what MONyog is, although there …

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MONyog 2.5 beta 2 has been released

MONyog 2.5 beta 2 has been released.

Bug fixes:

* Under specific circumstances the service would stop very slow.
* If network connection was temporarily unavailable the first CPU value after network came back told 100% CPU load.
* The temporary files for storing public/private keys are now being created with very restrictive file permission in Linux. So only the owner will be able to read/write these temporary files. Although these files would exist only for a fraction of second, in earlier versions of MONyog other users in the same Linux system could get access to them within that small timeslice.


Find problem SQL with the new MONyog 2.5

We are very pleased to announce the release of MONyog 2.5 Beta 1. This is a major upgrade from the previous releases.

MySQL currently lacks advanced query profiling tools like SQL Server’s Query Profiler. While the current breed of MySQL monitoring tools provide monitoring and advisory information on various system metrics, they don’t help in pinpointing the problematic queries. No amount of hardware upgrades or tuning of mysql.cnf / mysql.ini parameters can match the performance gains that can be achieved when problematic queries and identified, rewritten and/or appropriate indexes are created.

MONyog 2.5 helps in identifying problem SQL by

1) Analyzing the general query log
2) Analyzing the slow query log
3) If the above mentioned logs are unavailable then MONyog query sniffer can capture the results of SHOW PROCESSLIST at user-defined …

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