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PHP BBQ Munich

Yesterday we held our PHP BBQ event at Munich, well it was no BBQ as the weather forecasts predicted rain,which came in the evening, but a nice evening in a beer garden.

We had more than 30 people there, some leaving early, sme arriving late, covering quite different kinds of participants: PHP core developers, professional PHP users, people doing PHP stuff as hobby, friends and PHP community veterans like Till Gerken. Many people didn't know each other or didn't see each other or some time so we had lot's of discussions, and most of them even weren't about PHP and even many non-IT things were covered, which I find always great. If you want an impression check Ulf's photos. I really hope this makes a good foundation for more regular PHP meetups.

There will be a few more events of this kind this week in Germany, so go there if you can, don't be …

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The "Chemistry" of MySQL

Searching for MySQL with WolframAlpha, the latest entry in the search engines arena, I had a surprise:

Interpreting "mysql" as "mycil"
Input interpretation:

A further search for chlorphenesin, explains that it is a drug pertaining to the "central muscle relaxants" category.

Sunday April 19th Games Day

The Sunday before the MySQL User Conference is always full of trying to meet up with new or old friends, even if your flight lands after dinnertime. With that in mind, the very first event of the week is MySQL Camp’s “Games Day”.

From 12 noon until midnight on the Mezzanine of the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel (adjoining the Santa Clara Convention Center), there will be an informal games day. The list of games that are definitely appearing are on the MySQL Forge at:

There is still one game I would like to see appear (Set), though there is plenty to keep folks busy — board games, a puzzle, decks of cards, even building toys. I’ll probably be knitting, so if you are the crafty sort and can bring your craft with you that’s …

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Fun with the 387

Filed  GCC bug 39228:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
int main()
        double a= 10.0;
        double b= 1e+308;
        printf("%d %d %dn", isinf(a*b), __builtin_isinf(a*b), __isinf(a*b));
        return 0;

mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ gcc -o test test.c
mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
0 0 1
mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ gcc -o test test.c -std=c99
mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
1 0 1
mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ gcc -o test test.c   -mfpmath=sse -march=pentium4
mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
1 1 1
mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ g++ -o test test.c
mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
1 0 1

Originally I found the simple isinf() case to be different on x86 than x86-64, ppc32 and sparc (32 and 64).

After more research, I found that x86-64 uses the sse …

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Seven things

Since Kore, Lars and Marcus forced me to write this:

  • Sebastian's first foreign language was Latin, for me Latin was the reason to start programming (by trying to hack the vocabulary trainer my brother wrote, so I learned Basic instead of Latin)
  • I started PHP since I was too dumb to get my Perl CGI scripts working after our home server crashed
  • I still have more Perl books than PHP books
  • Compiling PHP 4.0 on our Pentium 90 home server took a night or so - and often forgot to activate some …
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MySQL Storage Engine based on PHP

Sometimes one has weird ideas, or am I the only one? - This specific one is at least a year old, now, during the Christmas days, waiting for New Year's Eve I had the time and mood to finally try it out: MySQL 5.1 has a plugin interface to easily add storage engines. PHP can easily embedded into other applications.  So why not combine these two things? - Writing a MySQL Storage Engine which reads data by calling a PHP script.

Let's start with a simple example first:

<?phpfunction create_table($table, $data) {
    return true;

function open_table($table) {

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Italians strike back

What follows is the text of my "Swedish" blog.
Look mom, I am blogging in Swedish!
I am starting a blog in Swedish. Now, why should I do such a thing? I usually blog in English, and I don't even bother blogging in my native Italian. Most importantly, I do not speak Swedish at all. So, why bother?
My friend and colleague Kaj Arnö had the gall of starting a blog in Italian, a fact that surprised me and made me envious at the same time.

He started talking …

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Scary reading advice

Inspired by the Arctic Dolphin's scary movies, I dug out some reading advice that I made during the MySQL Developers meeting in Riga.

Jack Kerouac, On The RoadMap, a fictionalized autobiography of a senior engineer on a cross country bohemian odyssey after failing to deliver 5.1 GA for the fifth time.

Ken Kesey, One flew over the cuckoo's nested query. A story of love and madness involving a quiet Engineering department. When Jeffrey McMurphy, a convicted felon who's faking insanity to escape a prison sentence, is sent to the Database Group asylum, life changes instantly for the other guests.
A subtle tragedy involving a marketing planner, a virgin junior engineer, and a swordfish develops inexorably, leaving the …

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T-Dose 2008

Roland Bouman and I will be doing a presentation together at T-Dose on October 25th:

Building Open Source BI solutions with Pentaho and MySQL

It’s a free conference, feel free to join us there for a chat and/or a drink!

Until then,

Translation is Fun!!

Morning, I saw Monty's post asking for contribution to drizzle's i18n efforts. I did checked out Hindi language and well I must say translation is a fun activity. 
If you think that will be as easy as using some online translation tool (I tried Google Translate), you may be wrong. Many sentences that make direct sense in English get completely screwed when translated word by word. Sometimes they are translated into a perfect meaningful sentence and that is when you can laugh out loudly.
As of now I'm doing Hindi (already 80 translations down) and next I'm gonna pick Punjabi. Wow! I know languages.

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