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MySQL is destroying my Umlauts

This is the english translation of an article in my german blog. This article, like the german original, is licensed CC-BY-SA. The english translation has been kindly provided by Tobias Klausmann.

Recently, I had to explain this to several people, hence a writeup for the blog for easier reference. The question: I have content in my database that can be sucessfully read and written by my application, but if I do a mysqldump to transfer the data to a new system, all the non-ASCII characters like Umlauts are destroyed. This happens if you save data to a DB with the wrong text encoding label.

In MySQL, every string has a label that describes the character encoding the string was written in (and should be interpreted in). The string …

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Translation is Fun!!

Morning, I saw Monty's post asking for contribution to drizzle's i18n efforts. I did checked out Hindi language and well I must say translation is a fun activity. 

Handling character sets

Choose any font you like Colleague Markus asked me: QUOTE:Because ... we are now changing dedicated server providers, I have already updated the Gentoo base system. Since as we are already changing everything, we might as well now migrate from MySQL 4 to 5.

So my question is: Shall I be switching from latin1 to utf8? Or should I be staying with latin1? I have been writing a german language article on character sets in MySQL and this is the translation of it.

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