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Nagios Checks For MMM

I’ve written some new Nagios checks for MMM (MMM on Google Code … MMM on Launchpad). check_mmm is a part of, and is meant to be called locally on the MMM Monitor server (usually via NRPE). Feedback is welcome, usage is as follows: Usage: check_mmm --cluster C# Options: --cluster= The MMM Cluster to check [...]

Is DRBD the right choice for me?

It seems pretty common to find customers install DRBD for the wrong reasons. There are many pros/cons to compare DRBD to replication, but I've managed to cut down my spiel I give to customers to these two points:

  • DRBD's aim (assuming replication mode C) is to provide 100% consistency, and then as much uptime as possible.
  • MySQL Replication (with a manager such as MMM) aims to have 100% availability, at the potential loss of some data surrounding a failure.

So if you are installing DRBD with the aim of purely "availability", and are not worried about losing that last write on the crash to your master database that (hopefully) happens only once every few years, you may be using the wrong technology.

While the prized "1 minute failover" is possible in DRBD, it doesn't really explain the full picture. The typical crash …

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MMM Release 1.0-pre4

New alpha release 1.0-pre4 of the MySQL Master-Master Replication Manager. This release has lots of major fixes and I’m glad to announce first sponsored port of mmm to non-linux platform - it has been ported to Solaris 10. So, here are our changes in this version:

  • Real checks timeouts - I’ve found and fixed lots of problems in checks timeout code and now if you specified in your mmm_mon.conf, that some check should timeout in 5 sec, it would timeout correctly on all supported platforms.
  • External third-party tools using - On all supported non-linux platforms mmm will use system binaries for fping and arp_ping so porting to another platforms would be much easier.
  • Agent …
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