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MySQL Master-Master Replication Manager 1.0 Released

It’s been a long time since we’ve started this project and it is time to make a checkpoint. So, I’ve decided to release final 1.0 version and make 1.X branch stable while all serious development with deep architectural changes will be done 2.X branch (trunk at this moment).

Changes from previous release:

  • Perl semaphores implementation caused huge memory leaks (mmmd_mod).
  • Now we do not send any commands to hard offline hosts with dead TCP/IP stack to prevent mointoring problems for other hosts.
  • Removed legacy StartSlave method from agent code which caused problems on some Perl versions
  • Added a few fixes to prevent non-exclusive roles from moving. This caused internal status structures to …
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MMM checkers memory leak?

One of MMM users reported that they’re experiencing really weird memory leaks in checker processes used by MMM. After a deep investigation I’ve found out that Perl part of the checker and checker modules does not leak (at least I didn’t found these leaks), so I think it could be caused by some problems in MySQL DBD module (client uses Ubuntu server).

So, I’d like to ask all users to check if their checker processes use more memory than expected and if yes, what OS, MySQL libraries versions and Perl version used on their servers.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Linux User in Solaris 10 Survival Guide

This week aside from tons of different tasks I was working on one of MMM users complaint regarding some issues with MMM on Solaris 10. I knew that this OS has not so user (admin) friendly environment (especially for people with strong GNU-related background), but had no other options and decided to install Solaris 10 in VMWare Fusion on my desktop.

Installation was a bit strange comparing to Debian/RHEL/Ubuntu and FreeBSD where I have a strong experience, but I’ve managed to install it successfully. The major problem after my first boot was a lack of knowledge about how things could be done in Solaris… Below I’ll describe what generic Linux admin could do with Solaris to make it easier to use and more friendly for GNU-addicted mind

Notice: If you’re …

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MMM Documentation Wiki

Today I’ve started moving (actually copying) all information I have about MMM to the project’s wiki.

If someone is interested in adding some information there or modifying my descriptions (yes, I know about by awful English and I hope someone will fix my mistakes), ping me (contacts are here) and I’ll add you to the project members list.

Thanks all for participation and support.

MMM Release 1.0-pre4

New alpha release 1.0-pre4 of the MySQL Master-Master Replication Manager. This release has lots of major fixes and I’m glad to announce first sponsored port of mmm to non-linux platform - it has been ported to Solaris 10. So, here are our changes in this version:

  • Real checks timeouts - I’ve found and fixed lots of problems in checks timeout code and now if you specified in your mmm_mon.conf, that some check should timeout in 5 sec, it would timeout correctly on all supported platforms.
  • External third-party tools using - On all supported non-linux platforms mmm will use system binaries for fping and arp_ping so porting to another platforms would be much easier.
  • Agent …
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MMM Release 1.0-pre3

MySQL Master-Master Replication Manager version 1.0-pre3 has been released today. Changes list is really short now:

  • Major fix in multiple clusters support - now you can use many clusters with one monitoring node (details are in mmmd_mon man page)
  • Man pages for mmmd_mon, mmmd_agent and mmm_control scripts
  • Startup scripts added/fixed for mmmd_mon and mmmd_agent
  • Installation script now requires iproute package to be installed on server.

As always, if you have any questions/suggestions, post them here or in mmm-devel mail list.

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