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Linux User in Solaris 10 Survival Guide

This week aside from tons of different tasks I was working on one of MMM users complaint regarding some issues with MMM on Solaris 10. I knew that this OS has not so user (admin) friendly environment (especially for people with strong GNU-related background), but had no other options and decided to install Solaris 10 in VMWare Fusion on my desktop.

Installation was a bit strange comparing to Debian/RHEL/Ubuntu and FreeBSD where I have a strong experience, but I’ve managed to install it successfully. The major problem after my first boot was a lack of knowledge about how things could be done in Solaris… Below I’ll describe what generic Linux admin could do with Solaris to make it easier to use and more friendly for GNU-addicted mind

Notice: If you’re …

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1000 Great Technical Videos in BestTechVideos Library!

Yes! We did it! Just before I went to bed at 3:40AM (heh ), I noticed, that someone submitted new video to BTV. I’ve approved it instantly and then noticed a following information in the top part of the site: “We have 1000 videos / 569+ hours of high-quality content!” So, we broke trough 1k videos barrier! And we’ll try to do 2k videos before the end of this year, we have some new features in closed beta testing which would greatly increase number of submitted videos each day.

Thanks to all our users for their contributions and support! …

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MMM Documentation Wiki

Today I’ve started moving (actually copying) all information I have about MMM to the project’s wiki.

If someone is interested in adding some information there or modifying my descriptions (yes, I know about by awful English and I hope someone will fix my mistakes), ping me (contacts are here) and I’ll add you to the project members list.

Thanks all for participation and support.

Best Tech Videos 2.0 has been released!

So, we did it! New Best Tech Videos site version has been released today. Of course, it could have some issues, and we are really looking forward for your feedback on our support forums.

Let’s review main improvements we’ve made here:

  • First of all, I want to mention our first step to socialization of the BTV - all our users could signup now and get their own lists of favorited, commented and voted videos and much more - they could have their own personal RSS feeds.
  • Next cool thing we’ve prepared for you is user-generated content! You can find some great videos on the Net and share them with fellow BTV readers. At this moment our posting system works in pre-moderated mode to keep really high level of videos we post here, but later we want to delegate …
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MyWebEr - creating documentation on the fly

In my last post I’ve asked for any help on my project. So, tanks to Jay Pipes for his tip.
One of most developer problems is documentation. And a good solution was initially appeared in Java with javadoc. At now many languages have special javadoc-like tools. I’ve made a little research, and decided to use jsdoc and phpdoc in my project. I am still open for any suggestions

MySQL Proxy Released

Few month ago I heard about some initial work on MySQL Proxy software by Jan Kneschke and I thought about implementing some type of MySQL Replication Aggregator based on this software. The idea was to create some piece of software which could get many replication streams, merge them and feed to some mysql slave. This software could be used for backup purposes and many other interesting things. But back then mysqlproxy distribution has been suspended (afaik, by MySQL AB because of some legal issues).

And at last, today MySQL Proxy project has been released to public and it became much more flexible so I think we need to take a look at it and try to implement such replication aggregator patches for it.

MyWebEr - info

So, now I am working on this project. This project is a part of google SoC. I believe in the end it should be something like mysql workbench, but web-two-zerofied. At current moment there is not much to look into ( But I will be very grateful to you for any comments, questions and suggestions.

MMM Release 1.0-pre4

New alpha release 1.0-pre4 of the MySQL Master-Master Replication Manager. This release has lots of major fixes and I’m glad to announce first sponsored port of mmm to non-linux platform - it has been ported to Solaris 10. So, here are our changes in this version:

  • Real checks timeouts - I’ve found and fixed lots of problems in checks timeout code and now if you specified in your mmm_mon.conf, that some check should timeout in 5 sec, it would timeout correctly on all supported platforms.
  • External third-party tools using - On all supported non-linux platforms mmm will use system binaries for fping and arp_ping so porting to another platforms would be much easier.
  • Agent …
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Best Tech Videos On The Net

Few days ago I’ve started new site which name is I’ve created this site because there are lots really interesting videos on the Net, but if you’d like to fine some good tech video, it is not so simple to find them because of tons of crappy “funny videos” like “funny cats” and so on.

So, If you like to attend technical conferences and watch conference sessions on video, if you like idea of screencasts, etc, then this site is for you! Welcome to Best Tech Videos you’ll be impressed by amount of hi-quality and useful videos on the Net.

P.S. If you like this site idea, support it on, please. Great thanks in advance.

UltimateGeoCoder - a PHP library inteface to miscellaneous geocoding services

Sometimes we may need to know geocode of some specific postal location. For example, you have some shops catalogue and want to show shop locations on the map. Then, you will need to ask some service about map marker coordinates. If geocode service is not available or it can’t parse provided address, you will not be able to show map to your users. To solve such problem I’ve created small PHP-module, that helps me to get reliable results from set of miscellaneous geocoding services.

As for now, module can use Google Maps API, Yahoo Maps Services, and …

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