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MyWebER is going to die

My google summer of code project called MyWebER is going to die. The reason - I have no time to proceed developing it. I have a lot of ideas, but not sure that I’ll find any time to implement them.

As I can see, MySQL AB is not interested in this project. If anyone wants to help me - you’re welcome.
“Skilled JavaScript developers are wanted.” (C)

MyWebEr - creating documentation on the fly

In my last post I’ve asked for any help on my project. So, tanks to Jay Pipes for his tip.
One of most developer problems is documentation. And a good solution was initially appeared in Java with javadoc. At now many languages have special javadoc-like tools. I’ve made a little research, and decided to use jsdoc and phpdoc in my project. I am still open for any suggestions

MyWebEr - info

So, now I am working on this project. This project is a part of google SoC. I believe in the end it should be something like mysql workbench, but web-two-zerofied. At current moment there is not much to look into ( But I will be very grateful to you for any comments, questions and suggestions.

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