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Small Tip: How to set up two interface Xen machine

This will be one of those posts I’d like to publish primarily to be able to coma back later and check it out instead of reading docs again

So, we have a server with two (or more) network interfaces are we need to be able to use more than one interface in our VDS machines. How do we set it up?


MySQL Master-Master Replication Manager 1.0 Released

It’s been a long time since we’ve started this project and it is time to make a checkpoint. So, I’ve decided to release final 1.0 version and make 1.X branch stable while all serious development with deep architectural changes will be done 2.X branch (trunk at this moment).

Changes from previous release:

  • Perl semaphores implementation caused huge memory leaks (mmmd_mod).
  • Now we do not send any commands to hard offline hosts with dead TCP/IP stack to prevent mointoring problems for other hosts.
  • Removed legacy StartSlave method from agent code which caused problems on some Perl versions
  • Added a few fixes to prevent non-exclusive roles from moving. This caused internal status structures to …
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MMM Release 1.0-pre4

New alpha release 1.0-pre4 of the MySQL Master-Master Replication Manager. This release has lots of major fixes and I’m glad to announce first sponsored port of mmm to non-linux platform - it has been ported to Solaris 10. So, here are our changes in this version:

  • Real checks timeouts - I’ve found and fixed lots of problems in checks timeout code and now if you specified in your mmm_mon.conf, that some check should timeout in 5 sec, it would timeout correctly on all supported platforms.
  • External third-party tools using - On all supported non-linux platforms mmm will use system binaries for fping and arp_ping so porting to another platforms would be much easier.
  • Agent …
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MySQL Conference 2007: First Impressions and Findings

So, first two days of mysqlconf’07 are finished now. What can I say is that without any doubts: It worth it! If you’re working on some high traffic projects, some high-loaded database driven systems, etc, you definitely should attend such conferences - you’d never be able to get such big amounts of information from the best people in the industry as you can get here.

I’ve been attending mostly practical MySQL scale-out sessions and BOFs and I’ve got really controversial impressions. No - everybody was great, controversial thing is my own level - I never before was so sure that I know nothing at all! I see people here for which most of new things for me (especially in MySQL scaling) are pretty obvious and it is hard to keep myself from some kind of self-beating because I don’t know these things.

Interesting thing happened today - I clearly realized why YouTube guys got their billion and we or someone else didn’t - IMHO - …

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This blog turned 1 year old last month and I think all of my readers were glad to read it. I’ve never asked for help and I offered help to people who needed it. But today I’m forced to ask my readers for help because it is the first time in my long practice when I really don’t know how to solve my problem.


MySQL Master-Master replication manager released

So, I’s been a long time since I wrote my last post here. Lots of work and almost no new interesting technologies in my work caused such delay. But today I’m proud to announce release of really interesting project: MySQL Master-Master replication manager - set of flexible scripts for management different MySQL deployment schemes with master-master replication involved.

More information about this software could be found in detailed announce in Peter Zaitsev blog (actually this software was created by me for his company’s client) or at project page. All your questions and suggestions welcomed in …

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Looking For Optimal Solution: Ruby On Rails and Mongrel

This article is part of “Looking For Optimal Solution” series, devoted to testing various Ruby On Rails deployment schemes and doing some simple benchmarks on these schemes. General idea of testing is to find subset of most optimal RoR deployment schemes for different situations.

This small article is about Rails+Mongrel setup and its performance. List of other tested deployment schemes, description of testing methodology and, of course, all benchmark results you can find on “Ruby On Rails Benchmark Summary and Findings” page.


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