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OpenSQLCamp EU 2010 - Last days to submit a talk
There is still time and hope if you want to present at the OpenSQLCamp 2010, European edition. The Call for Participation is open until July 11th.
Thanks for the ones who have submitted proposals.
A few caveats: if your proposal does not include a description, it will not be accepted. Therefore, wannabe speakers, please check your proposals, and make them as good as you can!

We want talk about all open source database. Not only MySQL.
Open source database fans, wake up, and …

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FrOSCon/OpenSQL Camp summary

It's almost two weeks now since FrOSCon and the OpenSQL Camp subconference have taken place in Sankt Augustin, Germany — about time for a summary and update from my side!

First off, I would like to thank all of the participants and supporters, particularly my colleagues Regina Steyer and Iris Musiol for the perfect logistics and co-sponsoring as well as Uli Graef, Thorsten Frueauf, Matthias Schmidt, Alexander Rubin and Joerg Moellenkamp for manning the Sun booth and the help on site.

Another big Thank You goes out to my team mates …

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I got to meet, and share a meal with a most interesting Darren Cassar at FRoSCon/OpenSQLCamp, who’s the mastermind behind SecuRich. Some sparse notes, while we await his slides. I think there’s some great potential here, and SecuRich is exciting and should be given some more love.

Designed to work with Sybase and MySQL in mind (because he’s hacking on migrating Sybase to MySQL).

How often do we audit user privileges and access levels? How often do we forget temporary elevated privileges?

What you have in MySQL today: Authentication against ‘username’@'hostname’, and the password is hashed by PASSWORD() function. There is wide range of privileges, and the granting of privileges is controlled.

What are limitations in MySQL today: Password limits are not available (password size …

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Sharding for the masses: Introducing the SPIDER storage engine (OpenSQLCamp @ FrOSCon)

This is the Sharding for the masses: Introducing the SPIDER storage engine by Giuseppe Maxia, given at OpenSQLCamp, at FrOSCon, in August 2009. These are somewhat live notes, and the slides are available too.

Sharding for the masses View more documents from Giuseppe Maxia.

Why sharding? Scaling, of course. The MySQL way to solve this, is replication (even Yahoo! and Google use this).

When the master doesn’t have enough resources to cope with what you do (i.e. large data sets), replication chokes.

You can use proxies for sharding. There exists …

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FrOSCon 2009: 1 down, 1 to go

So, I’m in my hotel room and I got some sleep. Now, it is 2:15 am and Icouldn’t sleep for some reason. PRobably has something to do with me being narcoleptic, as weird as it sounds Since I can’t sleep for a bit anyway, I figured writing a blog summarising the first day of FrOSCon would be a good idea.

Well, in one word: GREAT! In a few more: The first day was a big success. I started it out with a shift at the registration desk (I’m volunteering for FrOSCon as well). Since it was very early, most people that came in were actually exhibitors and speakers, and they all had to be at the VIP desk. At first, the door wouldn’t open. Later it turned out that the sensors thought we were to close to it. Claustrophobic doors are interesting.

Then, there was breakfast for the people with VIP access. Basically that was anyone who was not just a visitor. I helped out for a bit and then went back to my hotel room to catch up on some …

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PBXT at the OpenSQL Camp hosted by the FrOSCon 2009

Vladimir will be giving a presentation on PBXT at the FrOSCon 2009 in St. Augustin, near Bonn in Germany tomorrow:

PBXT: Technology trends that affect your Database
Room: C120/OpenSQLCamp
Time: 22 Aug 2009, 18:15 - 18:45

The talks is packed with interesting information about how the design of PBXT handles the major technological challenges of the future, including multiple cores, lots of RAM and solid state drives.

If you are in the area, check it out! :)

MySQL Sandbox and Spider at FrOSCon and OpenSQLCamp

FrOSCon and the OpenSQLCamp are about to start.
I am packing for Sankt Augustin, where I will attend the fourth edition of FrOSCon and the second OpenSQLCamp. I will have two sessions, Sharding for the masses, about the Spider storage engine and MySQL Sandbox 3, about one of my favorite tools.

The program is very rich. There will be several tracks in the main event and in the associated conferences. If …

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Getting ready for FrOScon 2009

I arrived yesterday in St. Augustin, near Bonn in Germany. After a good day of hitchhiking (weather is beautiful here) I stayed with my Pakistani Couchsurfing host and we had an extremely interesting evening talking about the gigantic cultural differences between western civilization and Pakistani civilization. It beats staying in a hotel by about a million points

This morning I headed to the FrOScon HQ at the fachhochschule to help out with whatever was needed. Turns out that was a bit premature (misunderstanding on my part), so I have had some time to catch up on mail and give some more attention to my talk on Saturday. I’ll be helping out throughout the and the whole day tomorrow with things though.

I’ll be talking about MySQL MMM, a project that I have invested …

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Setting up a MySQL Guru Bar at FrOSCon

Do you plan to attend the Free and Open Source Conference (FrOSCon) in St. Augustin, Germany on August 22 & 23? Are you a fan of MySQL and would you like to share your knowledge about it with other users? Here is your chance!

Sun Microsystems is a Gold sponsor of FrOSCon this year and will also be present with a booth there on both days. In addition to demo stations about Open HA Cluster, OpenSolaris and NetBeans, Sun will also provide space for a MySQL info desk, which we would like to turn into a "Guru Bar", including members of the MySQL community.

The goal is to talk with existing and potential new MySQL users, share …

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OpenSQL Camp 2009: Session schedule published - pre-register now!

I'm happy to announce that the schedule for OpenSQL Camp 2009 (European Edition) has been published on the FrOSCon timetable now. We have a great selection of topics and speakers, so don't miss it! OpenSQL Camp is a subconference of FrOSCon, the Free and Open Source Conference, which will take place on August 22nd and 23rd in St. Augustin, Germany.

The admission fee for the entire conference (both days, incl. OpenSQL Camp) is 5 EUR, you can pre-register here until August 10th (and if you do so today, you will still get a free T-Shirt as well!). Of course, you …

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