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Building Report Server

Although, there are many ways to setup a reporting server depending on the requirements. Sharing one of those.

Reporting Server provides reports i.e. daily, weekly, monthlty and quarterly reports to the clients. Data flow from many different servers (services) to one system called as Report Server. Client might be using more than one services. Therefore, it is necessary to collect the whole data at one place, analyze and generate reports for clients and billing purpose. This makes the data huge in TBs. Many times this server is used for billing clients for the services provided by the company. This makes this server very very critical and the data should be accurate.

Setup process has been breakup into few steps and explained below.

1. Storage Engine Selection: The first and the most important is storage engine selection. Since, the data can be used for billing purpose. Therefore, it should be accurate and loosing data by …

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Report from Barcamp Johor Bahru

This weekend, I decided to attend BarcampJB pretty last minute. Lucky for me, barcamps are made for chaotics like me, so it was no problem at all. I found some friends that live here in Kuala Lumpur who I drove down to JB with (JB is around a 5 hour drive from KL, we did it in 3.5 ).

The camp was very interesting. Because JB is on the border with Singapore, there’s a good crossover between Malaysian and Singaporean techies.

I decided to go all out and give three talks on Saturday: First up was the MMM talk I’ve given at a few conferences before. All went well, and later on in the day some people approached me for more in-depth questions. It still seems that people have this idea in their head that they somehow need MySQL Cluster when there is more then one machine involved. When I explain them that that is very rarely …

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FrOSCon 2009: 1 down, 1 to go

So, I’m in my hotel room and I got some sleep. Now, it is 2:15 am and Icouldn’t sleep for some reason. PRobably has something to do with me being narcoleptic, as weird as it sounds Since I can’t sleep for a bit anyway, I figured writing a blog summarising the first day of FrOSCon would be a good idea.

Well, in one word: GREAT! In a few more: The first day was a big success. I started it out with a shift at the registration desk (I’m volunteering for FrOSCon as well). Since it was very early, most people that came in were actually exhibitors and speakers, and they all had to be at the VIP desk. At first, the door wouldn’t open. Later it turned out that the sensors thought we were to close to it. Claustrophobic doors are interesting.

Then, there was breakfast for the people with VIP access. Basically that was anyone who was not just a visitor. I helped out for a bit and then went back to my hotel room to catch up on some …

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Navicat For MySQL Bugs Filed

Navicat For MySQL is a GUI for MySQL developers. I've tried a few tools before but somehow got attached to Navicat due to a few nice features that I'm not going to go into right now. Navicat suffers from a couple of annoying bugs and random crashes. I don't know if I can help fix the random ones but if I can at least file the ones I can reproduce, everyone wins. I have the latest as of today version 8.0.23.

Bug [NAL-15328]: Structure Sync Fails to notice encoding differences

Last Update: 13 Mar 2008 12:38 PM
Last Replier: Mayho Ho
Status: Open
Department: Navicat Support Center
Created On: 13 Mar 2008 09:52 AM
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