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New in MySQL 5.1: Sheeri’s Presentation

In a nutshell: What’s New in MySQL 5.1.

Release notes: Changes in release 5.1.x (Production).

And yes, very early on (at about two minutes in), I talk about my take on Monty’s controversial post at Oops, we did it again.

To play the video directly, go to To download the 146 Mb video to your computer for offline playback, go to The slides …

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Is the Federated engine useful to you?

Followers of my blogs and talks know that I am partial to the Federated engine. Not much as a normal way of storing data, but more as an auxiliary device to create innovative schemes.
A few years ago I wrote an article, Federated: the missing manual where I listed most of the gotchas that you can meet when using the Federated engine. This article alone would be enough to discourage you from using Federated in production. If you attempt to use a Federated table like a normal one, your server will suffer, and possibly crash.

Add the sad fact that …

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MySQL UC2008 presentation "Grand Tour of the information schema" now online

Yup, the presentation slides as well as the scripts are now available online on the conference website.

The stuff you will find in there:

Diagram of the information schema
Slides for the UC presentation, "Grand Tour of the Information Schema"
script, returns one row for each index (rollup of information_schema.STATISTICS)
script, lists all redundant indexes. Redundancy rules:

  • two indexes with the same columns, type and uniqueness are interchangeable. The one with the largest index name is listed as redundant
  • if there is a unique …
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FederatedX Pluggable Storage Engine Released!

The initial release of the FederatedX Pluggable Storage Engine for MySQL is now
available. I developed the Federated Storage Engine when I worked at MySQL,
and really saw a lot of potential with it. However, there were many other
projects that I had to give attention to, and many features and bug fixes that
users wanted didn't come into fruition because of the busy schedule. I left
MySQL a year ago to pursue an opportunity with Grazr what has kept me equally
busy. However, I have made a resolution this year to give some projects that I
have wanted to improve the attention that they need. I still see a lot of
potential with the "federated" concept.

Federated as it is isn't what many people expect it to be. IBM for instance,
has a federation as a very integral part of DB2. The Federated Storage Engine
is a proof-of-concept storage engine -- not to say it doesn't …

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