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Change Password Of Server OpenSUSE 12.2 With ISPConfig 3

Change Password Of Server OpenSUSE 12.2 With ISPConfig 3

In this tutorial we will show you how to change the password of your mail server which is running on OpenSUSE 12.2 and ISPConfig 3.x.

Configuring email in the Cloud

What a relief! A few simple configuration steps gives me new hope for coping with email.

It unlikely matters to you, but it does to me: My inbox is down to zero. That is, both my two inboxes are empty. I get work email to my address and private email to my, both of which have been suffering from bad email habits.

Inspired by years of discussions with Giuseppe Maxia, who is living proof that proper IT tools make geeks work smarter, faster and better, I bought the book "lifehacker". The first one out of over 100 hacks is labeled "Empty Your Inbox (and Keep It Empty"), so I judged that piece of advice to be worth following.

That was a few hours ago. No, in that short …

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Tab Sweep: Email, AntClassLoader, CouchBase Manager, Memory Usage, ...

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Java, GlassFish v3, High CPU and Memory Usage, Locked Threads, Death (Gregor Bowie)
Why I will continue to use Spring *and* Java EE in new Enterprise Java Projects in 2012/2013 (Nikos Maravitsas)
The Most Frequently Asked Question About Java EE 6 & NetBeans (Geertjan)
• …

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Build A Free, Full-Featured Mail Server On Gentoo Linux With iRedMail

Build A Free, Full-Featured Mail Server On Gentoo Linux With iRedMail

We're going to set up a free, full-featured mail server on Gentoo Linux, all mail service related components are free and open source, and you own all data. The installation process is extremly easy and smooth.

Installing A Web, Email & MySQL Database Cluster On Debian 6.0 With ISPConfig 3

Installing A Web, Email & MySQL Database Cluster On Debian 6.0 With ISPConfig 3

This tutorial describes the installation of a clustered web, email, database and DNS server to be used for redundancy, high availability and load balancing on Debian 6 with the ISPConfig 3 control panel. MySQL Master/Master replication will be used to replicate the MySQL client databases between the servers and Unison will be used to Sync the /var/www (websites) and /var/vmail (email account data) folders.

See You At The Message Systems User Conference!

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Message Systems User Conference next month in San Francisco, not only for what looks like an excellent venue, but for the great set of quality sessions on the agenda.

There's a number of sessions I'm looking forward to attending, but I'd like to invite you to attend the sessions I'll be delivering next month (read to the end to save on conference admission):

What the Convergence of Data Security & Privacy Concerns Will Mean to Companies

The barrage of news stories about data breaches and privacy violations is taking a toll on consumer confidence.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why data …
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14 Email Security Do’s & Don’ts

Note: This article originally appeared at


Anyone who follows the email marketing industry news is no doubt aware of the increasing number of well-publicized data breaches that have been occurring at the various major ESPs. In addition to the major ESPs, there are no doubt a number of less-publicized or even non-publicized data breaches occurring all the time at both smaller ESPs and in-house enterprise senders. The days when most of us in the email industry could watch from the sidelines and shake our heads have surely passed. Henceforth we should all operate on the assumption that we’re either now under attack as well, or will be shortly.

Email marketers have two valuable resources that malicious parties want to capture and exploit: information and infrastructure. …

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How To Send One Billion Email Marketing Messages Per Month

One... *billion* emails!

One *Billion* Emails

In email marketing there are senders of all shapes and sizes, from small businesses using self-serve ESPs to the largest web properties self-sending to massive user bases. While only a few senders will reach or exceed volumes of one billion messages per month, the tools and practices needed to achieve such a volume level are applicable to all senders who want to succeed in email marketing.

Who Am I?

My name is Mike Hillyer (click here for bio and social links). I manage a team of Sales Engineers for Message Systems, a leading provider of digital messaging solutions for both senders and receivers. In my work over the last several years I have helped a number of …

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My Hobby Project – Tweet 2 Email

I thought I would introduce my hobby project

I created Tweet 2 Email because I had certain people I follow in Twitter who do not post very regularly, but whose updates I do not want to miss in the flow of more regular posters. Tweet 2 Email allows you to follow someone via email by sending you hourly digests of a selected user’s updates. I later added the ability to subscribe to a Twitter search, allowing you to keep up with a given subject.

I built it using PHP, MySQL and a PHP-Twitter library I tweaked for my purposes.

I’m still testing and improving it, but if you need to track something in Twitter I invite you to give it a try.

Sales Engineer Wanted

Things are growing yet again at work and with it the number of people needed to keep things flowing smoothly. This time it’s the Sales Engineer team that needs a new person, working in the Baltimore/Washington area (our home office):


  • Provide exemplary pre-sales technical expertise through technical and product presentations, product demonstrations, pilot implementations, beta program administration, consistent communication, and on-going technical consultation.
  • Translate complex technical problems for non-technical clients as well as translating non-technical specifications into precise technical requirements.
  • Meet with clients to evaluate their current systems and needs and make recommendations for software and hardware and integration.
  • Travel approximately 30% in support of sales and customer activities.
  • Respond to RFIs, RFPs and serve as …
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