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Why do people leave consulting?
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Read the original article at Why do people leave consulting?

As a long time freelancer, it’s a question that’s intrigued me for some time. I do have some theories… First, definitions… I’m not talking about working for a large consulting firm. Although this role may be called “consultant”, my meaning is consultant as sole proprietor, entrepreneur, gun for hire or lone wolf. 1. Make more [...]

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    Consulting essentials: Building your business
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    Read the original article at Consulting essentials: Building your business

    In the last two posts on how to build a successful consulting business I shared advice and tips on closing deals and managing and completing your engagements.

    This post will look at where to focus your efforts in order to sustain your consulting business, and build skills.

    Focus on your subject matter expertise

    Being a subject matter expert takes years of education, and professional experience to build. It’s your

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    Consulting essentials: Managing & Completing Engagements
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    Read the original article at Consulting essentials: Managing & Completing Engagements

    This is the second in a series of three articles on Consulting Essentials.
    Read the previous post, Consulting essentials: Getting the business

    Communicating well and knowing when to step in or stand back is the linchpin of successful consulting.
    Some people have natural charm. If you’re one of these people you’ll find consulting is definitely for you. You’ll use that skill all the time as each new client brings a half dozen or a dozen new people to interact with.

    If it doesn’t come easily, practice practice practice. Try to get out of your own head

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    Consulting essentials: Getting the business
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    Read the original article at Consulting essentials: Getting the business

    Over the years, a lot of people have approached me asking how to become a tech consultant. What do I need to do to get started? How can I take my first step?

    I also hear from managers and CEOs that have asked how I got my start, and how I keep the business running. What lessons from consulting can be applied to startups and small businesses? Having worked independently for many years I’ve built up my own cache of strategies and methods which I hope can be helpful to anyone looking to strike it out on their own.


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    I love my new job!
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    I just have to chime in about how happy I am with my new job. I now work for Blue Gecko, as of August 30th. My role is a Senior Database and Systems Administrator. Blue Gecko is based out of Seattle though I'll be working out of my home in New Hampshire, albeit with my frequent travels to Seattle for family reasons, this will work out quite well.

    Already in the last week, I've engaged in several tasks, all of which have been very interesting problems to solve. Not only that, but I've spoken with several existing and potential customers and never realized I really enjoy consulting with and acquiring customers-- hearing what problems they need to solve and being able to ascertain quickly how to solve those problems, making the customer look forward to engaging with us.

    Who is Blue Gecko?

    Based out of Seattle, their website states (

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    There is more than one way to do it….
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    I spent Friday examining the systems for a more traditional consulting gig (in case you did not know, Pythian has offered more traditional consulting and emergency services in addition to our remote DBA offering for our entire 12 year history). It is a familiar story to many people — the database performance was unacceptable.

    The company had a few log tables that had huge amounts of inserts and foreign keys, so they used InnoDB. Unfortunately, they also used a GUID as a primary key (which is getting more and more common these days, but long primary keys with InnoDB slow down INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands a great deal) — varchar(32) and utf8.

    That’s right — their primary key for many of these tables was 96 bytes long (32 characters * 3 bytes per

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    Getting excited for the MySQL Conference 2009
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    I finally received confirmation that I’m attending the MySQL Conference 2009, yay! I didn’t really dive deep into all the conference has to offer just because I didn’t want to get too excited and then not be able to go. Now that I do know I’m going, I’m full on with excitement and thought I [...]
    On Value and Cost - part 1
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    Did you know that by banging your head against the wall you burn about 150 calories per hour? However, there are more effective and less painful ways to exercise (no surprise there). Personally, I like an early morning walk and playing some Wii games around lunch time.

    Most companies aim towards high(er) value offerings, sold at a higher price, so that their margin increases. Right?
    But what they're actually doing is desperately trying to outrun their own high (and escalating) cost structure. I ask you this: why should a client have to pay for inefficiencies in a provider's organisation? Also, why says that a higher value offering needs to a) be priced higher and b) have a higher profit margin?

    This is not the unavoidable way of things, but the reason it's the usual is that you can't just decide to change one aspect (such as a higher value offering), yet keep the way the company

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    What to do when everything needs attention
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    The problem Every once in a while it happens. A customer comes to us for a review of their site or application. We have our initial interview and start picking up the signs: they are developing their product alone. They are self-taught, self made men/women. They word certain concepts in slightly strange way. Then, we log [...]
    Open Query is hiring!
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    Arjen & gang are looking for skilled and enthusiastic colleagues!


    • guru level practical skills in MySQL schema/query design, server administration and tuning;
    • expertise with common dev and deployment infrastructure (mainly Linux but also other *nix and Windows);
    • freedom to travel without restriction;
    • self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
    • excellent written/verbal English, comfortable public speaker.
    Being a small, company, the range of possible work tasks can be quite diverse, although you are not required to be able to do everything. That said, your application will be more highly regarded if you exhibit a broad range of skills and interests, both directly technical and otherwise.

    Desirable abilities

    • shell and Perl scripting;
    • C/C++

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