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Tuning InnoDB Configuration

I had earlier written a post on tuning the MySQL server configuration which was more geared towards the MyISAM storage engine. While that is not because I didn't intend on ignoring InnoDB but because I had planned a whole post on tuning InnoDB related configuration. So this post is the post that I had planned, I have discussed the major configuration parameters in here that should help you out most of the times.

How to resize Innodb log files?

Just in case you don't know resizing Innodb log file is not just simple as changing the value of innodb_log_file_size in the MySQL configuration file. But its even more simpler. Follow the steps in this post and you will be done with the resizing.

Writing output to a log file using MySQL Proxy

In my previous post, Capturing Erroneous Queries with MySQL Proxy, I showed how to capture erroneous queries, along with relevant information, that one could not effectively obtain from the MySQL general query log. However, in that post, I simply output the information to the terminal. Therefore, in this example, I want to show how to write this information to a proxy log file.

To change this to log to a log file does not require too many changes, and so this is a useful example on how to log any proxy-related information to a log file.

  1. I perform a check for an existing log file (at least using the variable of name “log_file”), and then assign log_file to the location of where I want the log file to reside (at the beginning of the lua script).
    if (log_file == nil) then
      log_file = "C:/Program Files/MySQL/mysql-proxy-0.7.2/proxy.log"
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