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Writing output to a log file using MySQL Proxy

In my previous post, Capturing Erroneous Queries with MySQL Proxy, I showed how to capture erroneous queries, along with relevant information, that one could not effectively obtain from the MySQL general query log. However, in that post, I simply output the information to the terminal. Therefore, in this example, I want to show how to write this information to a proxy log file.

To change this to log to a log file does not require too many changes, and so this is a useful example on how to log any proxy-related information to a log file.

  1. I perform a check for an existing log file (at least using the variable of name “log_file”), and then assign log_file to the location of where I want the log file to reside (at the beginning of the lua script).
    if (log_file == nil) then
      log_file = "C:/Program Files/MySQL/mysql-proxy-0.7.2/proxy.log"
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