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This Week in Data with Colin Charles 49: MongoDB Conference Opportunities and Serverless Aurora MySQL

Join Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database community.

Beyond the MongoDB content that will be at Percona Live Europe 2018, there is also a bit of an agenda for MongoDB Europe 2018, happening on November 8 in London—a day after Percona Live in Frankfurt. I expect you’ll see a diverse set of MongoDB content at Percona Live.

The Percona Live Europe Call for Papers closes TODAY! (Friday August 17, 2018)

From Amazon, there have been some good MySQL changes. You now have access to …

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Nebula as a Storage Platform to Build Airbnb’s Search Backends

by Charles He, Soumyadip Banerjee, Tao Tao, & Krishna Puttaswamy

Image Credit: NASA/JPL (Raghvendra Sahai). This image of the Red Rectangle was produced from data in the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) archive, taken with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 onboard the HST as part of Guest Observer program 7297.

Last year Airbnb grew to a point that a scalable and distributed storage …

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The Data Day, A few days: March 6-8 2013

Ayasdi emerges. Amazon slashes DynamoDB prices. And more

For 451 Research clients: Ayasdi applies TDA, machine learning and Hadoop twist to advanced analytics By Krishna Roy

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) March 8, 2013

For 451 Research clients: Software AG launches In-Genius take on in-memory operational intelligence

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) March 8, 2013

For 451 clients: Anaplan lands $30m to accelerate growth, sets out expansion strategy under new CEO By Krishna Roy

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) …

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The Data Day, Two days: February 7/8 2013

Teradata results. Funding for DataXu. The chemistry of data. And more.

For 451 Research clients: Oracle launches major update to MySQL open source database

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) February 8, 2013

For 451 clients: Analyzing the chemistry of data By @451wendy Treating sensitive data like dangerous chemicals

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) February 8, 2013

Teradata: Q4 net income $112m on revenue up 10% to $740m, FY net income $419m on revenue up 13% to $2.7bn. (PDF)

— Matt …

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Amazon DynamoDB ... Is it any good

As you might have noticed, I'm getting further away from MySQL here. This is just how things are I guess, I just do much less work with MySQL these days. The first migration was from MySQL to MongoDB, which was some time back. This was pretty successful, but note that we still have some data in MySQL, but the bulk of the data is in MongoDB right now.

Running any database on Amazon (and we run all databases on Amazon or on Amazon RDS service) may be costly, depending on how you utilize your resources. The recently announced Amazon DynamoDB is Amazons NoSQL service offering, but it is not like MongoDB with a twist, far from it. If you have read what I have written about MongoDB, I have now and then complained about the lack of functionality, but to be honest, I have learnt to live with MongoDB and it's shortcomings, and have started to like many of the JavaScript features of it (one thing I hate about it, and about JavaScript in general …

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Two new open source data warehousing launches

In our recent report on the data warehousing market we speculated that there would soon be a change in the number of vendors operating in what is a crowded market. We were anticipating that the number of vendors would go down, rather than up, but - in the short term at least - we have been proved wrong, as two new open source analytical databases emerged this week.

First came the formation of Dynamo Business Intelligence Corp, (aka Dynamo BI), a new commercially supported distribution, and sponsor, of LucidDB. Then came the launch of InfiniDB Community Edition, a new open source analytic database based on MySQL from Calpont.

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