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The Data Day, Two days: February 7/8 2013

Teradata results. Funding for DataXu. The chemistry of data. And more.

For 451 Research clients: Oracle launches major update to MySQL open source database

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) February 8, 2013

For 451 clients: Analyzing the chemistry of data By @451wendy Treating sensitive data like dangerous chemicals

— Matt Aslett (@maslett) February 8, 2013

Teradata: Q4 net income $112m on revenue up 10% to $740m, FY net income $419m on revenue up 13% to $2.7bn. (PDF)

— Matt …

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Web roundup

Ian Bullard asserts that you should never use the RAND() function. The Ayn Rand Google Ad is pretty funny. The new Zend Server is coming out as a web stack. Although it can be easier to install a Xampp style … Continue reading →

Unicode coming to PHP 6

The move from PHP 5 to PHP 6 will be a painful one. But once it’s done, I hope that it will be easier to handle safe web development for a global, multi-language internet. After all these years, we still … Continue reading →

2008 The Year of the Acquisition: Microsoft Bids on Yahoo!, Amazon buys Audible

Is 2008 going to be the Year of the Acquisition? Activity in 2007 was on the rise but now things seem to be at full speed.

  • I remember when Alta Vista and Excite! were the hot search engines, my how the world has changed.  It looks like it’s narrowing down to a two horse race with Microsoft putting the moves on Yahoo! for about $44.6 billion (Notes from SearchEngineLand). I guess it’s really on now, Google versus Microsoft in a search engine death match.
  • Yahoo! acquired Zimbra last year. I wonder …
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Leaving Yahoo!; storage, consulting

As many of you know already, I’ve decided to leave Yahoo!. Today was my last day. I’ve had a great time at Yahoo! and worked with a bunch of brilliant people. I will miss you all!


Where am I headed? That’s actually a complicated question. I’ll be working part time at Pivot3, a mature startup that’s doing great things in the storage industry. Contact me if you’re interesting in cutting storage costs, getting some amazing management tools, and some awesome performance. I would love to tell you more! MySQL will absolutely rock on this platform.

Yes, I said part time. I have a startup of my own, Proven Scaling, providing advanced MySQL …

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Wanna work at Yahoo?

Know MySQL? Wanna work at Yahoo? We’ve got lots of MySQL-related positions open, in lots of different groups. Yahoo is a great place to work. Let me know.

Full Disclosure: Yes, I get a referral bonus.


In case you haven’t heard…

I am no longer with MySQL, and will be starting my new job as a MySQL Guru at Yahoo! on December 6th. If you want the details about why or how or when, feel free to ask me! (My email is jeremy [at] jcole [dot] us.)

Wish me luck!

Update: See what Jeremy Zawodny has to say about it: Jeremy Cole will be Yahooing Soon too!

Update: Mike Hillyer chimes in: Jeremy Cole is a Yahoo!

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