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a multisource replication scenario: 10 masters, 1 slave.

A customer asked whether we they could have 10 or more masters consolidate all the data into a single central slave. After getting a bit more information from them and seeing the application functionality, it was clear that MySQL Labs 5.7.5 Multi Source Replication could be a good candidate. Why?:
– Each master is independent from the rest of the masters.
– One-way traffic: there is only one way to update a row, and that’s from the master.
– All the masters use the same schema and table, but no single master will ever need to, nor be able to update a row from another master.
– PK determined via app & master env.

Multisource replication is still in, but here’s what I did to test it out.

First, I read:

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451 CAOS Links 2011.04.12

Groklaw declares victory. Cloudera updates Hadoop distro. And more.

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# Groklaw claimed victory, will stop publishing new articles on May 16.

# Cloudera released version 3 of its Hadoop distribution.

# VoltDB released version 1.3 of its open source distributed in-memory database.

# Black Duck grew sales by 51% in Q1.

# eXo and Convertigo …

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MySQL Labs

Who remembers snaps? This is the place to go, when you wanted nightly source code snapshots of stuff that comes out of MySQL AbSun Microsystems build systems, that is related to the MySQL product line. There you can get all the snapshots for GA releases, as well as archives; (albeit not very up-to-date).

Anyway, its good to know now there is a focus, just for server snapshots, available at MySQL Labs. These are testing builds, that come out directly from pushbuild (the build system). Its not for production use, but what’s really useful is the fact that there’s also a recommendation to use the …

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