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Common Pitfalls When Using database/sql in Go

Updated 3/23/2017

Here at VividCortex, we’re huge fans of the Go language and its database access library, database/sql. As you’ve probably seen firsthand, the surface area of database/sql is pretty small, but there’s a lot you can do with it. That includes plenty of risk for error and deceptive mistakes. This blog post is dedicated to some of the past mistakes we’ve made ourselves, in hopes that you won’t also make them when the time comes.

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Common Pitfalls

  • Deferring inside a loop. A long-lived function with a query inside a loop, and defer rows.Close() inside the loop, will cause both memory and connection usage to grow without bounds.
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Nearly 1,000 additional O'Reilly and Microsoft Press ebooks now available in Kindle Store

When we first started selling O'Reilly ebooks on Kindle, the limitations of the device prevented us from including our full catalog of ebooks. The first generation Kindle wasn't able to display tables or computer code -- two classes of content that are obviously quite common in O'Reilly books.

Although we (and our authors!) had hoped that Amazon would update the software on those Kindles (especially since many O'Reilly readers are also typically early adopters of new devices and technologies), it's clear that Amazon is focusing their efforts on their newer devices and apps for other mobile devices like iPad and Android.

Amazon won't disclose any data about how many customers use specific Kindle devices or apps, but we believe the number of Kindle 1 users is a small and shrinking part of the overall Kindle user base, and since there are multiple additional apps and desktop readers from Amazon, with a few specific exceptions …

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Four short links: 5 October 2009
  1. Brown Cloud Marketing -- advertorial "interviewing" GM of a company offering "DNS in the cloud". This might be a worthwhile service, but the way he markets it (by saying open source is "freeware" and the market leader is "legacy") reveals a rich vein of bozo. Freeware legacy DNS is the internet's dirty little secret (actually, it's the reason we have a functioning DNS), Nominum software was written 100 percent from the ground up, and by having software with source code that is not open for everybody to look at, it is inherently more secure. (security through obscurity is equating clothing with being naked yet blind). The Internet kindly did the poor man's homework: screenshot of a cross-site scripting …
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Four short links: 14 August 2009
  1. Page2Pub -- harvest wiki content and turn it into EPub and PDF. See also Sony dropping its proprietary format and moving to EPub. Open standards rock. (via oreillylabs on Twitter)
  2. SQL Pie Chart -- an ASCII pie chart, drawn by SQL code. Horrifying and yet inspiring. Compare to PostgreSQL code to produce ASCII Mandelbrot set. (via jdub on Twitter and Simon Willison)
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Four short links: 4 August 2009
  1. NASA Nebula Services/Platform Stack -- The NEBULA platform offers a turnkey Software-as-a-Service experience that can rapidly address the requirements of a large number of projects. However, each component of the NEBULA platform is also available individually; thus, NEBULA can also serve in Platform-as-a-Service or Infrastructure-as-a-Service capacities. Bundles RabbitMQ, Eucalyptus, LUSTRE storage, Fabric deployment, Varnish front-end, MySQL and more. (via Jim Stogdill)
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