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A look at MySQL 5.7 DMR

So I figured it was about time I looked at MySQL 5.7. This is a high level overview, but I was looking over the MySQL 5.7 in a nutshell document:

So I am starting with a fresh Fedora 20 (Xfce) install.
Overall, I will review a few items that I found curious and interesting with MySQL 5.7. The nutshell has a lot of information so well worth a review.

I downloaded the MySQL-5.7.4-m14-1.linux_glibc2.5.x86_64.rpm-bundle.tar

The install was planned on doing the following
# tar -vxf …

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What to do when everything needs attention

The problem Every once in a while it happens. A customer comes to us for a review of their site or application. We have our initial interview and start picking up the signs: they are developing their product alone. They are self-taught, self made men/women. They word certain concepts in slightly strange way. Then, we log [...]

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