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A look at MySQL 5.7 DMR

So I figured it was about time I looked at MySQL 5.7. This is a high level overview, but I was looking over the MySQL 5.7 in a nutshell document:

So I am starting with a fresh Fedora 20 (Xfce) install.
Overall, I will review a few items that I found curious and interesting with MySQL 5.7. The nutshell has a lot of information so well worth a review.

I downloaded the MySQL-5.7.4-m14-1.linux_glibc2.5.x86_64.rpm-bundle.tar

The install was planned on doing the following
# tar -vxf …

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20% to 50% improvement in MariaDB 5.3 Handler Interface using prepared statement

Following a previous post using MySQL as a NoSQL store with the native Handler Interface, some  refactoring have now been coded in MariaDB-5.3 as described in the following worklog   On concurrency,  doing less work in HANDLER READ to put more caching on HANDLER OPEN is credited with a 7% performance gain.
Source code via bzr branch lp:~maria-captains/maria/5.3-handler
More, HANDLER READ can now be used with prepared statement to save precious CPU cycles on parsing.    

handler t1 open;
prepare stmt from 'handler t1 read a=(?)';
set @a=1000;
execute stmt using @a;
deallocate prepare …

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Using MySQL as a NoSQL: a story for exceeding 450000 qps with MariaDB

Following the excellent post of Yoshinori about exceeding 750 000 qps with handler_socket,  i was curious to make my own opinion on the state of MySQL and MariaDB regarding simple primary key search.

Quoting  "Most of high scale web applications use MySQL + memcached. Many of them use also NoSQL like TokyoCabinet/Tyrant. In some cases people have dropped MySQL and have shifted to NoSQL. One of the biggest reasons for such a movement is that it is said that NoSQL performs better than MySQL for simple access patterns such as primary key lookups. Most of queries from web applications are simple so this seems like a reasonable decision"

I’m a big fan of NoSQL when it comes to remove useless work put on some …

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