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SAN vs Local-disk :: innodb_flush_method performance benchmarks

If you’ve been tuning your MySQL database and have wondered what effect the innodb_flush_method settings have on write performance, then this information might help. I’ve recently been doing a lot of baseline load tests to show performance differences between localdisk and the new SAN we’re deploying. Since we run InnoDB for everything in production, and writes are very heavy, I decided to run comparison tests between two identical servers to find the best setting for innodb_flush_method. We have the following specs for the hardware:

  • Dell R610
  • 24 core Intel Xeon X5670 @ 2.93ghz
  • 72GB ECC RAM
  • Brocade 825 HBA
  • Local disk: RAID-10 15K SAS Ext3 (ugh)
  • SAN: Oracle 7420 with four Intel Xeon X7550 @ 2.00GHz, 512GB RAM, 2TB read-cache(MLC-SSD), 36GB write cache (SLC-SSD), 3 disk shelves populated with 60x2TB 7200RM SATA drives setup in mirrored format with striped …
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Frustration with Community vs Enteprise

I was working on a client’s server today to troubleshoot some variances between the result timing of some queries. Guess what I came across - the profiler is not available in certain enterprise releases but it is available on community versions of the same release number.

I can understand if that feature was something that wasn’t fully tested in the enterprise code base and thus was only released in the community version - but if that’s the case then I don’t understand why the same version releases of Community and Enterprise can have different feature sets. That goes against the whole idea of versioning. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here but that is very frustrating.

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