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2009 MySQL Conference/Camp Videos

It’s been just over three months since the April 2009 MySQL Users Conference and Expo. It took a while for the files to be processed, and then uploaded to, and then I found out that the online streaming was not working properly. So I started playing with things, re-encoding some videos, updating the software, but to no avail.

Just as I was about to give up I got notification that Technocation, Inc. was accepted into YouTube’s not-for-profit program, which allows movies larger than 10 minutes to be uploaded and viewed advertisement-free.

So then I had to upload the videos to YouTube and add descriptions.

So with no *further* delay, here are all the videos from the 2009 MySQL Conference and 2009 MySQL Camp:

The brief description — just the playlists:
Conference …

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MySQL Camp Schedule for Today

All the sessions for all the MySQL Camp days can be seen at, but here is today’s schedule in a nutshell (all sessions in Bayshore, on the mezzanine level of the hotel):

Tuesday 10:50 am - 11:35 pm

Matt Yonkovit (Sun/MySQL, Waffle Grid, Big DBA Head, [blog]) presents Learning from others’ MySQL Performance Mistakes. Matt has spent the last couple of years helping customers who are all dealing with the same MySQL related problems over and over again. During this session he will give you some of the most common issues in MySQL deployments he sees on a day to day basis, and how to fix or avoid them. These include:

* More is not always better
* Text Fields are not cool
* Data Size does matter
* Fun with Data Conversions
* Its all about IO
* Left join love
* Self Induced fragmentations
* MySQL is not Oracle

and more!!!! …

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MySQL Camp Details and Restaurant list!

As folks are making their plans to go to the MySQL User Conference, I just wanted to remind folks of the schedule of MySQL Camp.

One feature I put together for MySQL Camp but anyone can use is a restaurant list for the hotel area. There’s very little within walking distance, but many people will be local or will rent a car, so finding someone to drive with should not be a problem. The restaurant list is on the MySQL Forge Wiki at — updates are welcome!

About MySQL Camp: MySQL Camp is completely free, just walk on in and enjoy the sessions. All sessions are in the Bayshore room off the Mezzanine, and there will be signs directing you to the MySQL Camp room. I describe it as being like “an additional room for the MySQL Conference, but it’s …

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MySQL Conference and Camp Timings

As many of us know, the 5th annual MySQL Conference and Expo is happening April 20-23rd, 2009 in Santa Clara, California. The theme is Innovation Everywhere, and this year the conference organizers have taken an innovative page from OSCon and decided to host a free “camp” during the conference.

As far as I know, MySQL Camp is the only free, non-commercial programming occurring. We already have a fantastic lineup of speakers and last week I was surprised with another bounty — MySQL Camp has been extended to Thursday!

While you are making your travel and lodging arrangements, remember that on Sunday April 19th on the mezzanine of the conference hotel there will be a Games Day from 12 noon - 12 midnight. Stop by, play …

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MySQL Camp in Bangalore

In Bangalore, India? Definitely go there, to the MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, on the 29 of July 2008, from 4-7pm (no, not Indian Standard Time ;)), and listen to Kaj Arno speak about MySQL.

We’re on the front page of Sun Microsystems .in

In addition to Kaj, Thava Alagu will speak about contributing code to MySQL, and Sonali Minocha (from OSSCube) will speak on optimising enterprise applications.

There is also hope that this will be a regular meetup, aka the Bangalore MySQL User Group. Amit Saha has an entry on MySQL Camp (which …

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