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Abusing MySQL (& thoughts on NoSQL)

The NoSQL/relational database debate has been going on for quite some time. MariaDB, like MySQL is relational. And if you read these series of blog posts, you’ll realise that if you use MySQL correctly, you can achieve quite a lot.

  1. It all starts with Kellan Elliott-McCrea with his introductory post on Using, Abusing and Scaling MySQL at Flickr. Follow the entire series.
  2. He starts of the series with Ticket Servers: Distributed Unique Primary Keys on …
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Discovr: a flickr experiment gone wrong

I need help with this. I had a dream… Well, not so much as a dream, maybe a “It’d be cool to…”

I thought it’d be nice to discover new photos on flickr using your favorite photos and the people who also favorited those photos, and the favorite photos of those who also favorited my pictures. Still with me?

It’s actually a quite simple code (about 500 lines, check it on github: discovr), but it’s terribly slow. Some possible reasons:

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At the Drizzle Developers Conference

The Drizzle Developers,
hard at work

DSC_0129, originally uploaded by krow.

The Drizzle Developers,
hard at work,
thinking about Burning Man

DSC_0130, originally uploaded by krow.

Some tabs - Marten interview, Facebook, Flickr

I’ve been collecting a bunch of tabs, MySQL related, that I think people might have missed during the holiday period.

Contrarian Minds: Marten Mickos - this is a great interview with former CEO of MySQL, now SVP of the Database Group, at Sun Microsystems. Its got a bit of interesting history, and thoughts about the future. There’s also some interesting photography.

Facebook is now at 150 million users. They grew quite a bit recently, it was just 140 million about a month or two ago.

Flickr has seen traffic reaching ten terabytes. As you know, Flickr runs MySQL, …

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Just a day at the office, at MySQL Sun

Just a day at the office, at MySQL Sun
Originally uploaded by FallenPegasusOne of the perqs of working for MySQL has always been working from home, or wherever. When the weather is really nice, the wherever can be the porch in the back yard.

Linked from Fake Steve Jobs?

Jonathan Schwartz of Sun, and Giuseppi Maxia of MySQL
Originally uploaded by FallenPegasusAccording to my Flickr stats, this picture just got a huge surge of views, most of them from "".

But when I go to that blog, I can't find the link.

Can anyone find it for me?

MySQL - Sun - Flickr - Fotolog - Wikipedia - Facebook - YouTube Comparison - MySQL Conference Day 2 Keynote

Unfortunately I didn't find any available seats to take notes for this but this morning a very interesting keynote took place. Representatives from 7 large companies mentioned in the title gathered on stage and answered various questions by MySQL's Kaj Arno.

These questions included things like "how many MySQL servers do you have", "how many DBAs", etc. It was a lot of fun, hopefully someone (Sheeri) will edit and post the video soon.

Keith has a nice summary of everything that went on together with the numbers here.

Update: Venu has even better notes here.

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Flickr group for MySQL User's Conference & Expo

I've created a Flickr group for the 2008 MySQL User's Conference & Expo

If you are going to the UC, please join, and post interesting pictures.

Project 365, Day 64: The Sun Offer

Project 365, Day 64: The Sun Offer
Originally uploaded by FallenPegasus This is the stack of paperwork I had to swallow and sign if I wanted to follow MySQL into Sun Microsystems.

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