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North East Linux Fest and Open Database Camp - Boston, March 16-17 2013

On Thursday, I will travel to Boston, MA, to attend the Northeast LinuxFest, which includes also an edition of the Open Database Camp. The events will be at one of my favorite places on earth: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a.k.a. the MIT. Every time I speak at an event there, I feel at home, and I look forward to be there once more.

The Open Database Camp is organized, as usual, with the formula of an un-conference, where the schedule is finalized on the spot.

There are a few ideas for sessions. I have proposed two of the topics I am most familiar with:

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OpenSQLCamp Boston 2010

OpenSQLCamp Boston 2010 happens 16-17 October 2010, at MIT in Boston (there is an evening social session on Friday the 15th as well). Its organised by MySQL community aficionado Sheeri Cabral, and by looking at the schedule and sponsors, it is going to be one of the most diverse OpenSQLCamp’s by far.

Monty Program is a sponsor, and I (Colin) will be participating on behalf of Monty Program to bring some information about what’s new from the Istanbul company meeting. More of the company certainly wanted to be at the event, but most are going to be spending some quality vacation time in Istanbul, since our all company meeting only ends on the 12th.

If you have not already registered to attend, what’s keeping you? Its free to attend, and Sheeri tells me that there’s some very cool schwag available for grabs.

I am sponsoring the Boston MySQL User Group

As many may probably know, Boston is one of my favorite towns. I have been in love with this town since my first visit in 1990, and in every subsequent trips I have always been enchanted by the town itself and by the kindness I was shown by its people.
I am also very fond of the Boston MySQL User Group, and its organizer, Sheeri K. "Super Hero" Cabral.

I want to show my personal appreciation for Boston by sponsoring the MySQL User Group for one year. I am doing that with my own money, without involving my company.
You can also donate for a MySQL user group, if you want, using the Technocation fund.
You …

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MySQL 5.4 - performance at your fingertips

The session at the Boston MySQL User Group was very enjoyable. There was a full room, and the presentation was followed with attention and curiosity.
The slides I used for this presentation include the deck used by Allan Packer and Mikael Ronström at the MySQL Conference 2009, followed by a testimony of my own experience with 5.4.
Here is the final deck: MySQL 5.4 theory and practice

While preparing the slides, I realized that, for the first time, we have a product that allows a painless performance gain. Unlike all the tuning and technological improvements that you can use to improve …

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MySQL 5.4 at the MySQL Boston User group

The MySQL Boston User group will meet on May 11 at 7pm.
I will speak about my experience using MySQL 5.4, with some general information on the release.
BTW, you know that there has been some trouble about MySQL meetup groups. We are looking into the matter, and we will release information as soon as possible. For now, I can tell you that the current agreement between MySQL and Meetup is valid at least until June 10, 2009.
Boston MySQL meetup - November 10

The Boston MySQL meetup is held on November 10th at 7pm. The place is
MIT Building E51
4 Amherst St
Room 372 Cambridge, MA 02142
857 205 9786

We'll talk about MySQL Sandbox, and about any relevant MySQL topic.

MySQL DBA Job Openings at Pythian in Ottawa, Boston, and Hyderabad

Hello everyone, We have several MySQL DBA openings, one in each of our offices in Ottawa, Boston, or Hyderabad, India. (Our Sydney office is doin’ fine.) Working at Pythian is different than working in-house or as a consultant, because you’ll be making your contributions available to each of the customers assigned to your team, allowing you to [...]

Sheeri?s First Week at Pythian

The Pythian family got a new song last Monday — “Sheeri” means “my song” in Hebrew. This post on my own blog explains how I got the job. High winds delayed my flight last Monday, and we’ve had two snow storms since I arrived. Luckily, my real-life context switch has not been too difficult. [...]

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