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Tungsten Replicator moved to GitHub with Apache license

It had been in the making for long time. Google announced that Google Code would be closing, and since then the Continuent team has been hard at work to handle the transition. You can guess it: this operation would have been quicker if it had been done by a small company like we were one year ago, but being part of a large corporation introduces some constraints that have affected our schedule.

However, our wish has always been, and still is, to keep Tungsten Replicator as an open source product, with full functionalities and with the full benefits that the open source development model offers.

Today, Tungsten Replicator is available on GitHub as …

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Replication Renaming Schemas, Tables and Columns

Schema definitions on replication slaves sometimes differ. Ability to rename schemas, tables and columns and still setup replication with comfort is useful for MySQL to MySQL replication, while for heterogeneous topologies like these, it's a must. In this article I'll present a component which I recently developed to enable an easy way of renaming database objects during both (a) initial slave load (provisioning) and (b) real-time replication.

It is called RenameFilter and is part of the latest Tungsten Replicator build. RenameFilter works with all DBMS types that Replicator supports.

Specifying What to Rename
First, let's look at how rename definitions file looks like. It is a CSV file which first three columns specify what to rename, while …

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ddlscan - Utility to Help Analyze and Migrate Database Schemas

While working on one of the MySQL to Oracle replication projects for Continuent, I needed to implement an open-source utility for transforming MySQL schema to an Oracle dialect (DDL statements that create specific schema on Oracle) to save from otherwise tedious work. This article introduces ./ddlscan tool, which does that and is extensible to do much more.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Your favorite DBMS with some tables. Currently supported MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Latest Tungsten Replicator build. Not even needed to install, enough to untar.
  • Velocity template of your choice. You will find …
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Replicate from Oracle to MySQL *without* GoldenGate


Oracle is widely use to support back-end systems.  On the other hand, MySQL is the "go-to" data management solution for the web-facing part of many businesses.  If you have both Oracle and MySQL in-house, you may already also have the need to share data between them.  In this article I'll describe software that my colleagues and I have been working on to move data from Oracle to MySQL in real-time without costing an arm and a leg.

Tungsten to the Rescue!

Latest Tungsten Replicator has many features, most of which are open-source, but the recent one for me is particularly exciting - thanks to the development done by my colleague Stephane Giron in the …

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A Glance at Real-Time Replication From MySQL To Oracle

The open source Tungsten Replicator is very powerful. It's exciting to see how a flexible initial design allows to push the boundaries of replication with each new release. The recently published System of Record approach for multi-master databases does exactly this for multi-master databases.

Nevertheless, in today's database environments it is often not enough to move data, however well it is done, between the nodes of a single DBMS vendor like MySQL.  There is an entirely new set of challenges that appear when Oracle joins the Enterprise room.

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