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FairWarning Privacy Monitoring Solutions Rely on MySQL to Secure Patient Data

FairWarning® solutions have audited well over 120 billion events, each of which was processed and stored in a MySQL database. FairWarning is the world's leading supplier of privacy monitoring solutions for electronic health records, relied on by over 1,200 Hospitals and 5,000 Clinics to keep their patients' data safe. In January 2014, FairWarning was awarded the highest commendation in healthcare IT as the first ever Category Leader for Patient Privacy Monitoring in the "2013 Best in KLAS: Software & Services" report[1].

FairWarning has used MySQL as their solutions’ database from their start in 2005 to worldwide expansion and market leadership. FairWarning recently migrated their solutions from MyISAM to InnoDB and updated from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6. Following are some of benefits they’ve had as a …

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MySQL Camp at Bangalore - 19 June

As promised we are back with the 2nd edition of Bangalore MySQL User camp this Wednesday 19 June.

As requested we are going into the details of InnoDB and Performance Schema.

See the details here:!topic/bangalore-mysql-user-camp/gnqGPLKDB0s

Venue remains the same as last time : 

Our Kalyani Magnum Office behind Apollo hospital on the Bannerghatta road

Time - 5PM-6PM

Don't miss the chance to meet the MySQL engineering team at Bangalore and learn internals of MySQL.

Hope to see you there.



MEB : The journey so far 2010-2013

MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) was born 3 years ago as a newly branded avatar of InnoDB Hot backup. Wanted to share what has gone on so far, how we at Oracle think about

backup, the milestones that we have achieved and the road ahead. The idea for this blog came to me after looking at Mikael's latest blog. While Mikael talks about MySQL, I want to talk about MEB.

When we started with InnoDB Hot backup the first challenge was to have it adhere to the development, quality and release processes for MySQL. This meant creating a

quality plan, getting it into the development trees of MySQL and ensuring that each piece of new code went through architecture and code review. Though the initial implementer and architect of Hot backup continues to work with the MEB team, there were a host of new engineers to be trained. We also …

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MySQL for Beginners Training-on-Demand First Hand Insight

The MySQL for Beginners course is THE course to get you started with MySQL providing you a solid foundation in relational databases using MySQL as a learning tool. Oracle University recently released the Training-on-Demand option for this course. 

Ben Krug from the MySQL product team is trying out the MySQL for Beginners Training-on-Demand course and reporting on his experience. You can follow Ben on MySQL Support Blogs.

The MySQL for Beginners course is available as:

  • Training-on-Demand: Follow streaming video of instructor delivery and …
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Take the Authentic MySQL for DBA Course Near You!

The MySQL for Database Administrator course teaches you to secure users privileges, set resource limitations, access controls and describe backup and recovery basics. You also learn to create and use stored procedures, triggers, views and more. For the full course description go to the Oracle University portal and click on MySQL.

You can take this course:

- From your desk, at your own pace, as a Training-on-Demand offering - streaming video of instructor delivery, plus access to course environment to perform lab exercises

- From your desk, as a Live-Virtual Class - connecting with the instructor and other students through webex and phone, with access to course environment for lab exercises. There are hundreds of events scheduled so you can choose the date, timezone and language that suits you. See the full schedule on the …

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Learn to Develop Modern Applications with MySQL for Developers Course

Learn to design and implement modern applications, such as web or cloud applications, by following the MySQL for Developers Training Course which will teach you about essential SQL statements for data design, querying, and programming.

This 5 day instructor-led course is available via the following training methods:

  • Live-Virtual Class: Follow this live class from your own office or home machine through one of the over 700 events currently on the schedule. To find the event that suits you go to and click on MySQL.
  • In-Class Teach: Travel to an Oracle classroom to follow this class. A sample of the schedule events is shown below:



 Delivery Language

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All New MySQL For Beginners Training on Demand Offering

Get started on MySQL for Beginners training within 24 hours with the newly released MySQL for Beginners Training on Demand. With Training on Demand, you get:

- Trained by top MySQL Instructors

- Access to hands-on practice environment

- Full classroom content available 24/7

- And no travel expenses to worry about

The MySQL for Beginners course covers all the basics and gets you on your way with a solid foundation. This hands-on class covers the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases, using MySQL as a teaching tool.

In addition to the …

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Honing Performance Tuning Skills on MySQL

Get hands-on experience with techniques for tuning a MySQL Server with the Authorized MySQL Performance Tuning course. 

This course is designed for database administrators, database developers and system administrators who are responsible for managing, optimizing, and tuning a MySQL Server.

You can follow this live instructor led training:

  • From your desk. Choose from among the 800+ events on the live-virtual training schedule.
  • In a classroom. A selection of events/locations listed below



 Delivery Language

 Prague, Czech …

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Case Study: Waiting Room Solutions Relies on MySQL for Web-Based Medical Management Systems

Waiting Room Solutions (WRS) is an award-winning web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management System for physicians’ offices. Based in Goshen, NY, WRS serves almost 3,000 users for their needs in charting, medical record filing, payment tracking, prescription and reporting via the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, and WRS has sent over 20,000 electronic prescriptions a month over its secure network.

The Business Challenge

WRS was looking for a robust database for enterprise-class web-based applications with the following features:

1. Security

Medical records and health information are highly confidential, and WRS expected to be fully incompliance with privacy regulations such as the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

2. Data Integrity

It is important to minimize data corruption and inconsistency for medical records, because they directly impact …

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MySQL for Beginners course - first steps to lowering your Database TCOs

Thinking about lowering your Database TCO by using the MySQL Server?
Don't miss the chance to get training from the source!

With the newly released MySQL for Beginners class, learn how this powerful relational database management system can make your life easier and more fun! This course covers all the basics and will get you on your way, with a solid foundation. This instructor led, hands-on class covers the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases, using MySQL as a teaching tool.

Send information about this course release to a friend who might be considering getting …

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