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The NEW MySQL for Developers Course

Just Released - The new MySQL for Developers training course. 

This 5 day course covers everything a developer needs to know when planning, designing and implementing applications using MySQL, with realistic examples using languages such as Java and PHP. This course gives an in-depth coverage of statements that access and modify data, and shows the student how to design and create other MySQL objects such as triggers, views, and stored procedures.

You can take this course:

  • From your desk as a live virtual offering. There are over 800 events on the schedule so you should find one in a timezone near you. The virtual events are also delivered in many languages including English, German, Korean, Latin American Spanish, ...
  • In a …
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Tap into MySQL's Amazing Performance Results with the Performance Tuning Course

Want to leverage the high-speed load utilities, distinctive memory caches, full text indexes, and other performance-enhancing mechanisms that MySQL offers to fuel today's critical business systems.

The authentic MySQL Performance Tuning course, in 4 days, teaches you to evaluate the MySQL architecture, learn to use the tools, configure the database for performance, tune application and SQL code, tune the server, examine the storage engines, assess the application architecture, and learn general tuning concepts.

You can take this course in one the following three ways:

  • Training-on-Demand: Access the streaming video, instructor delivery of this course from your own desk, at your own pace. Book time for hands-on practice when it suits you.
  • Live-Virtual Class: Take this …
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Learn about the Real-Time Performance and High Availability of MySQL Cluster

If you need 99.999% availability, real-time performance, auto-sharding and write scalability, geographic replication - using SQL and NoSQL applications then you should learn more about MySQL Cluster.

The authentic MySQL Cluster course brings you key conceptual and configuration information in a 3 day instructor led class.

Examples of class events already on the schedule:



 Delivery Language

 Prague, Czech Republic

 10 December 2012


 Warsaw, Poland

 3 September 2012

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Start Here on MySQL

Get started on the world's most popular open source database by taking the MySQL for Beginners training course. Students who have taken this 4 day course have described it as "perfect", "very useful", "just what I needed".

This instructor-led hands-on class covers the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases, introducing you to MySQL tools and features.

Take this class at a time and place adapted to you:

  • From your home or office at a time suits you: With Training-on-Demand you can get started within 24-hrs with instructor delivery and hands-on exercises when you choose
  • From your home or office at one of the 528! scheduled events: With the Live-Virtual delivery you attend a live instructor delivery without any travel costs
  • At a teaching center: A sample of the events scheduled in different locations/languages is shown below:

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Take the Authentic MySQL for DBA Course Near You!

The MySQL for Database Administrator course teaches you to secure users privileges, set resource limitations, access controls and describe backup and recovery basics. You also learn to create and use stored procedures, triggers, views and more. For the full course description go to the Oracle University portal and click on MySQL.

You can take this course:

- From your desk, at your own pace, as a Training-on-Demand offering - streaming video of instructor delivery, plus access to course environment to perform lab exercises

- From your desk, as a Live-Virtual Class - connecting with the instructor and other students through webex and phone, with access to course environment for lab exercises. There are hundreds of events scheduled so you can choose the date, timezone and language that suits you. See the full schedule on the …

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Get started building PHP applications with MySQL & PHP Training

Learn how to develop applications in PHP and how to use MySQL efficiently for those applications! Through a hands-on approach, this instructor-led course will help you improve your PHP skills and combine them with time-proven database management techniques to create best-of-breed web applications that are efficient, solid and secure.

You can take this 4 day class through:

  • Live-Virtual Delivery: Take this course from your own desk. Over 200 events already on the schedule for a wide range of timezones.
  • In-Class Delivery: Events on the schedule include:



 Delivery Language

 Warsaw, Poland

 15 October 2012

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Top Reasons to Take the MySQL Cluster Training

Here are the top reasons to take the authorized MySQL Cluster training course:

  • Take training which was developed by MySQL Cluster product team and delivered by the MySQL Cluster experts at Oracle
  • Learn how to develop, deploy, manage and scale your MySQL Cluster applications more efficiently
  • Keep your mission-critical applications and essential services up and running 24x7
  • Deliver the highest performance and scalability using MySQL Cluster best practices

In this 3 day course, experienced database users learn the important details of clustering necessary to get started with MySQL Cluster, to properly configure and manage the cluster nodes to ensure high availability, to install the different nodes and provide a better understanding of the internals of the cluster.

To see the schedule for this course, go to the …

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Three Ways to Take Official MySQL for Database Administrators course

The MySQL for Database Administrators course is a 5 day course that teaches the key skills essential for MySQL Database Administrators.

You can take this course in one of the following three ways:

  • Training on Demand: Get Instructor-led training within 24 hours through streaming-video from your desk.
  • Live Virtual Class: Live instructor-led training from your desk. Over 1000! LVC events on the schedule for the MySQL for Database Administrator course.
  • In Class: See below for a selection of locations where you can take this training

For more information on this course or teaching schedule, go to the Oracle University portal and click on MySQL or search under your country/location.

A selection of the In-Class schedule for the MySQL for Database Administrator course:

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Hiring MySQL Curriculum Developer

If you want to be part of the team that creates the Official Oracle Training on MySQL and meet the following criteria:

  • Experience of Course Design and Development
  • Experience of database such as MySQL
  • Fluent in English - written and spoken
  • Keen to keep on learning

Then this is the opportunity for you!

Learn more about our open position for MySQL Curriculum Developer here.

Official MySQL Cluster Training Available Near You!

Oracle is the official provider of MySQL Training.

To learn more about MySQL Cluster, you can register for the MySQL Cluster training at a large selection of locations and often you will find the course delivery in your local language! For example:



 Delivery Language

 Prague, Czech Republic

 17 September 2012


 Warsaw, Poland

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