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Log Buffer #332, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

We know very well that database technologies need a blog presence, and how to best offer that blogging experience — without the danger of boredom — is something tons of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL bloggers continue to show through Log Buffer. Enjoy!


Various approaches exist to organize your groovy scripts and package up utilities.

Oracle Certification announces the release of the new Oracle Linux 6 certification paths.

Designed for the Cloud, the new multitenant architecture of Oracle Database 12c now enables customers to greatly simplify and accelerate database consolidation by …

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Log Buffer #331, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

More and more blogs are springing up to cover database technologies. This ethereal Log Buffer Edition yet again cherishes this spectacular growth and offers a few links from the Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL arenas.


Are Oracle enqueue rules leading to deadlock changes again in 12.1? Charles Hooper asks.

James Morle writes about optimal Oracle configuration for efficient table scanning.

Richard Foote writes a quick post on the reuse of empty leaf blocks in index.

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Log Buffer #330, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition marvels at the ease, simplicity, and power of the database bloggers as they go about their adventures in the realms of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.


The new Oracle Database 12c’s “Implicit Result Sets” (IRS) feature allows query results to be returned from a stored PL/SQL procedure (or a PL/SQL anonymous block) without requiring a special PHP code.

Ranka has been spending a lot of time on big data and its application, architecture, and processes.

Kashif Manzoor tells us how to use the new Clone Log Parser utility in Oracle E-Business Suite.

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Log Buffer #329, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

In this Log Buffer, you have naan bread, two types of roti, pasta, Karachi biryani, Chiken Tandoori, Beef tikka, eggplant masala, mixed pickles, French pastry with some elixir to wash all of it down. Yes, once again, this edition of Log Buffer contains numerous flavors from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Sometimes it’s the little differences that make something really cool, and Martin was wondering why this hasn’t made it into the Oracle dictionary before.

Oracle introduced a new feature for DataGuard called Far Sync. This configuration is designed to support synchronous redo transport between primary and standby database, which are far apart.

There are a few …

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10 Things in SQL Server Which Don’t Work as Expected

So far, I have been blogging about curious RDBMS caveats mostly related to Oracle and MySQL databases. Some examples:

But there are also other databases, which have 1-2 things that do not work as expected. For example, SQL Server. Here’s an interesting blog post, …

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SQL Like Comparisons

SQL tidbits are always valuable and highly searched for by newbies (as opposed to reading the SQL documentation). Sometimes we seasoned SQL developers take for granted little things like when a single- or multiple-character wildcard comparison works. It seems we know what newbies don’t. That you need a wildcard comparison operator not simply and equality comparison operator.

The question posed to me was, “Why doesn’t my wildcard comparison work?” Here’s a simplified example of their question.

SELECT 'Valid' AS "Test"
FROM    dual
WHERE  'Treat' = 'Tre_t'
OR     'Treet' = 'Tre_t';

Naturally, the answer is that the equality operator compares the strings based on their exact match (character sensitively in Oracle and character insensitively in MySQL). It needs to be rewritten by replacing the equals (=) comparison operator with the LIKE

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Log Buffer #328, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

There is a tsunami of blog posts out there as Oracle has made public its 12c database and SQL Server and MySQL with numerous new offerings. This Log Buffer Edition covers a few salient blog posts.


Among the major ETL tools in the market , Oracle Data Integrator outshines not just for a couple of reason. Oracle has invested a lot in developing the tool after it took over from Sunopsis.

You want to learn more about innovative features of WLS 11g and 12c? You want to get answers about the roadmap and capabilities?

Kristin Rose tells us that 12c  offers the latest innovation from …

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Log Buffer #327, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Nelson Mandela, The Madiba, said: ” There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” Bloggers return to their blogs to experience the same charming thing, and database bloggers are no different. Enjoy this edition of Log Buffer.


With the new release of Oracle Database 12c, Oracle has removed the old Database Console.  In its place, they have given us Enterprise Manager Express (EM Express for short).

And here is a perspective about Why Not to Upgrade to Oracle 12c Database.

Sayan Malakshinov talks about Oracle 12c: Lateral, row_limiting_clause.

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Log Buffer #326, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Just like the new car model excites the car enthusiasts, the new version of the database products fascinates the database professionals. A plethora of blog posts sprung up as the new versions of databases are released. Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL now have new things to offer. This Log Buffer shares that excitement and anticipation.


Samer Forzley of Pythian explains why you should upgrade to Oracle 12c.

Abhinav Agarwal informs that Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Bundle Patch is now available for download.

Yury Velikanov presents a step by step guide to have the brand …

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Log Buffer #325, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Close your eyes and imagine an affordable holiday featuring islands, pools, simmering white sandy beaches, and clubs. Chances are that you’re thinking about a resort in Hawaii, Fiji or French Polynesia. Now picture such a trip right now. I’ll give you a second. Still wondering? Yep, it’s this edition of Log buffer. :)


Bobby has hacked a script together Tuesday night to figure out how to fit all his production data files and temp files on a development server for a RMAN restore of a production backup onto a new server.

SQL Gone Bad – But Plan Not Changed? Kerry has more.

During …

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