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SSH tunnel rewritten, table partitions and more

The previous integration of plink.exe into HeidiSQL's SSH tunnel connection lacked a message dialog which asked for caching a non-existing host key. This includes some more (error-)messages which can only be seen on the command line. HeidiSQL never displayed these messages, as it did not yet watch the stdInput, stdOutput and stdError pipes of the plink.exe process.

Now, with a completely rewritten interface to plink.exe, HeidiSQL displays all messages from the different I/O pipes on the Plink process. Even it creates cancelable confirmation dialogs out of various prompts on the Plink command line.

Bind parameters
Not yet finished but usable: Bind parameters for SQL queries. When your SQL query contains one or more ":myparam:" occurences, the right hand box offers to set a value for these …

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Open Source Enigma Project

The wild and crazy guys over at S&T Geotronics, James Sanderson and Marc Tessier, have decided to go full tilt with a Kickstarter version of their DIY Open Enigma Project.  For those who missed the fanfare last year, they were featured on Instructables showing how to build an Arduino-based encryption machine that works exactly like a WWII era Enigma.  You know, the thing that Alan friggin' Turing and his team at …

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Repos and Distros: Upstream and Downstream

When we launched the official MySQL repos back in October, we wanted to achieve a number of things: First, we closed a gaping hole in our distribution on Linux. Some Linux distros do not ship all the MySQL products, and not everyone is able to or always wants to use the distro packages. And the […]

Hot Off The Press: MySQL February Newsletter

The MySQL February Newsletter is available! Find out the latest news on MySQL products and MySQL Connect 2014, and read the technical tips written by MySQL experts at Oracle and in the community. Below are the highlights in this edition:

  • Start Preparing for MySQL Connect 2014 Call for Papers
  • New GA Release: MySQL for Visual Studio
  • Blog: State of the UNION
  • Blog: New MySQL Web Installer -- Have You Tried It Yet?
  • Blog: MySQL Workbench: Frequent Crashes on Mac OS X? This Might Be The Fix
  • Event: MySQL Seminars Are Coming to a City Near You

You can read it online or subscribe to it to receive the latest updates right in your inbox. Watch this …

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MySQL Workbench 6.1: Query Result Enhancements

The SQL Editor in MySQL Workbench 6.1 adds a new interface for query results.  This addition offers 4 new views to your query results, 2 for the result data itself and 2 for meta-information about the query that was executed.

Query Result Set Grid

The traditional result set grid. Run a SELECT query on a table with a primary key and you can edit the data. You must click the Edit button to enter edit mode.

Note: Until Workbench 6.1.1, the check was being done automatically for every SELECT query, but since that requires extra queries to MySQL, the check is now done on demand.



Result Set Form Editor

The new form editor for result sets comes in handy when you want to closely inspect the fields of each record (specially if it has multi-line text). You …

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Giving Red Hat 7 Users a Choice

Red Hat recently released a beta of what will become the next version of their Enterprise Linux. As many people have noticed, Red Hat opted for a forked version of MySQL 5.5 (which GA’d 3 years ago). MySQL has come a long way in those three years, and MySQL 5.6 was released just under a […]

Amazon’s Big Data Suite – Part 2


In Part 1 we started our study of Amazon Services and looked at Amazon EC2. In this part, we will look at other Amazon services like EMR, DynamoDB and RDS.


  1. 1.      Amazon Elastic Map Reduce

Amazon EMR is a web service which makes cloud computing very easy. Amazon’s EMR cluster comes preconfigured with Hadoop, which as mentioned earlier is a data processing and storage framework. This preconfiguration makes it very easy to start analysing your data in no time. Amazon EMR has applications in machine learning, financial analysis, bioinformatics etc.


Just like EC2, you can launch any number of EMR instances as you need and you will only be charged for the computing power you have used. EMR is preconfigured …

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MySQL Repo News

What’s new in the MySQL Yum repositories A little over a month ago we launched the official MySQL Yum repository. An official repo was a long standing request from the community, and we’ve had it on our list of todos for a long time. We finally got it done, and in the process we modernized […]

Introducing SeaLion – Linux Monitoring Tool

What is SeaLion?

SeaLion is a Linux monitoring tool, built from the ground up for troubleshooting hundreds of servers.

Why did we create SeaLion?

We’ve another product line - CloudMagic which is a search centric email app. We manage petabytes of indexed user data spread across hundreds of servers. This data is hosted on AWS. Being a search centric email app, the search speed is critical. We take pride in being known for blazing fast search speeds. When a search query takes more than the threshold value, we get an alert and we debug.

Typically, it’s important at this point to determine if the issue was with the hosting provider or in our code. Inspite of having a suite of monitoring tools, we always fall back to the output of traditional commands. What took time? We check the usual suspects …

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Thanksgiving Offer – 20% off on all products

Thanksgiving is almost here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our users, customers, corporate clients and fans of SQLyog, MONyog for all the support over the years.

We thought we’d get the festivities started a little early by offering a 20% flat discount on all Webyog products. Offer expires on November 27, 2013 at 23:59 PST. Grab the offer before it’s gone.

Head right away to the Online Shop and apply the coupon code: tg2013.

Team Webyog


The post Thanksgiving Offer – 20% off …

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