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Changing MySQL’s Community Contribution Agreement

A while ago, MySQL developed a Community Contribution Agreement for community contributions to the MySQL source code. While browsing the MySQL Forge Wiki I came across:

This page shows that the Community Contribution Agreement has changed — it is no longer the document MySQL AB created. It is now Sun Microsystem’s standard Sun Contributor Agreement, which CEO Mårten Mickos recently explained to me was “more accepted than the agreement MySQL had come up with.”

I am happy to see some of the great Sun practices trickle down to replace some issues that MySQL did not handle smoothly. All in all, I agree with Mårten Mickos and think the Sun Contributor Agreement is much better….

….but what do you think?

MySQL virtual columns

Wouldn't it be cool to enhance MySQL creation table syntax to do this?

my_date DATE,
my_month VIRTUAL INT AS (DATE_FORMAT(d,'%Y%m'))

And later, when you insert '2008-08-23' in my_date, then automatically my_month will be set to 200808.
Yes, it would be cool, and it has been done. Andrey Zhakov, a so far unknown to me community contributor, has extended the server code to implement virtual columns (WL#411) and functional indexes (WL#1075)
Andrey has published …

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New Competition for MySQL’ers

I hear now about a new competition for the MySQL® Users. The ‘MySQL® 5.1 Use Case Competition’ has been just launched by the Community Team @ SUN|MySQL.

If you submit a MySQL® 5.1 Use Case Report to the Community Team by 31 August 2008 you will have a chance of winning:

  • 1st-3rd prize: A MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 Pass, including a dinner with MySQL co-founder Michael “Monty” Widenius
  • 4th-10th prize: MySQL® Community Contributor T-shirts
  • 11th-20th prize: A Sakila mascot (MySQL®’s pet dolphin)

More information at

[Reminder for the Community Team: the page …

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සිංහල, Sinhalese collation

If you search for Sinhala, a large fraction of the links you'll see point to something written by Harshula "hash" Jayasuriya. Sinhala is a very, very old language, but it's not very well developed on computing platforms. Its script is most often represented in Unicode, but the default Unicode collation table (DUCET) doesn't order its words ("collate") properly. Thus, MySQL didn't order it properly.

To fix that, hash recently submitted a collation implementation to MySQL, based on the Sri Lanka Standards Institution's SLS1134-pt1 document. It seems to be right, judging from our tests, but I would be much more comfortable if it were exposed to more eyeballs. The collation is on its way into the mysql-5.2 tree, and should be …

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