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Web-2.0 Security

Hi Folks,

This is an announcement for a webinar in German. Therefore only written in German. If you are interested in the security topic be sure to see the english webinar, which is stored here.

Web-2.0-Anwendungen absichern

Die verbesserte Einsatztauglichkeit der Web-2.0-Anwendungen wird auf Kosten von neuen Sicherheitsproblemen erworben. Sowohl die mächtige Logik im JavaScript als auch der permanente Login auf vielen Sites bergen Risiken, die anders und gezielt beantwortet werden müssen. Dieses Webseminar gibt einen Überblick, bewertet die Probleme und stellt Lösungswege vor.

Wenn Sie Web 2.0- und AJAX-Anwendungen entwickeln, ist dieser Vortrag genau das Richtige für Sie! Hier erfahren …

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Find Articles

Hello, I’d like to announce my new website that I’m building right now. This site is about articles, it crawls all known article directories, article publishing sites and gethers articles from them. It has a really extensive categorical index. currently I have about 1000 articles but the number is growing daily. I used Php / Mysql / Apache [...]

Fall 2006 PHP Speaking Calendar

I have a number of PHP related speaking gigs coming up:


AJAX Tutorial with Prototype


Checking password strength using and AJAX

With some inspiration from Ben Ramsey i created a little demo for using my md5 database during the signup process on a website.

This example demonstrates the use of the MD5 database at and AJAX to check password strength during signup on a website. After supplying a username and a password, a md5 hash of the password is generated using Paul Johnston's md5 javascript library.

The hash of the password (not the password itself) is then sent to If the website returns a result for the given password (hence the hash password combination is stored in the md5 database) it can be regarded as …

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