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MySQL Oracle Open World Session Calendar

With 47 MySQL sessions at Oracle Open World this year we are going to be busy. Keeping updated on them in a easy fashion will be best for all of us.

Sheeri has a matrix here:  

Oracle as a PDF here :

I went ahead and made public calendars so we can sync this information across our phones and etc....  I will update them when I find out  about any changes and then of course it should sync out to all of you who use them.



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Come Swim with the Dolphins !

An Oracle Open World blog post for us ! It has highlights and links for you to see all the great MySQL content at Open World.

Speaking at Oracle Open World

I’ll be presenting at Oracle Open World on the causes of downtime in MySQL, and how to prevent it. This is a research-based session that presents an easy-to-digest post-mortem of hundreds of emergency issues filed by Percona customers. The real causes and types of downtime surprised me quite a bit, and the preventions run counter to a lot of conventional wisdom. I’ll just give a preview by saying that you should consider it a top priority to monitor how full your disks are! On the other hand, despite the fact that every monitoring tool in existence shows the binary log cache hit rate, not a single emergency in Percona history has ever been attributed to that.

The agenda at OOW is mind-bogglingly huge (see Dave Stokes’s blog post, so here are the full …

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OTN Interview about MySQL

I was interviewed by Justin Kestelyn the OTN Senior Director about MySQL at Oracle Open World this week.

Some highlights of the questions asked:

  • 0:55 Since the close of acquisition has there been any change in direction?
  • 2:23 How have your clients and customers responded to the acquisition?
  • 3:53 You mentioned that Oracle will bring added advantages and could infuse invocation.
  • 5:15 InnoDB and MySQL are now both owned by Oracle. What do you see as the development advantages?
  • 6:47 What were your thoughts on the first MySQL Sunday?
  • 8:58 Forks?
  • 11:04 Contact Details

You can view the Video online or play below.

2011 MySQL Conferences

Next year will mark a significant change for the MySQL community. At least three major conferences will have dedicated MySQL content that is great for attendees getting the best information on how to use MySQL from the experts in the field.

O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo

The 9th Annual MySQL conference will be held at is usual home of recent years. Colin will again be back as committee chair for a 3rd year and this will be my 6th straight MySQL conference.

Date: April 11 – 14, 2011
Location: Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, California
Website: There is no website at this time
Call for Papers: There are no details for call for papers
Program Chairs: Colin Charles from Monty Program AB and Brian Aker.

Collaborate 11

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Upcoming MySQL Conferences

Unlike previous years when the number of conferences with MySQL content diminishes after the O’Reilly MySQL and OSCON conferences (Open SQL Camp excluded), this year has a lot on offer.

This month:

Upcoming next month in September:

  • MySQL Sunday at Oracle Open World on September 18 in San Francisco includes 4 tracks and around 15 quality speakers. (Big numbers of attendees also rumored but yet unconfirmed).
  • The inaugural Surge Scalability conference in Baltimore will include presentations by myself and …
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MySQL and Open Source at Oracle Open World

Oracle Open World is fast approaching.   I am definitely looking forward to the MySQL and open source activity at the upcoming Oracle Open World conference in San Francisco.   I'm scheduled to deliver a presentation on implementing MySQL on Windows.   I am also looking forward to Oracle's first Open World conference with MySQL under the Oracle family umbrella.

Speaking at Oracle Open World 2010

I will be one of 18 MySQL speakers at Oracle Open World 2010 at the first ever MySQL Sunday. With a great diversity of technical, community and product talks this will be a great opportunity to get a cross section of MySQL content. Combined with Java One, this year’s Oracle Open World will include a lot more opportunity of technical and developer content then the more regular marketing material.

As the program chair for the first dedicated MySQL track at last month’s ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010 our MySQL community now includes a larger number of target people. From the Oracle community come many highly technical and skilled resources, some with an understanding or appreciation of MySQL and many that are new to MySQL.

This is a great opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with MySQL.


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MySQL Management Plug-in and Grid Control Extensibility at Oracle Open World 2008?

In case you are attending Oracle Open World 2008, the biggest Oracle conference in the world, and interested in either (or both) MySQL or Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility — I posted a proposal for a new presentation:

Extending Oracle Enterprise Manager by Example — Creating MySQL Management Plug-In

I’ve started looking into Oracle extensibility several years ago and since then I’ve seen lots of improvements in Extensibility Guide and many new plug-ins have seen the light of the day. However, creating a new plug-in is still considered to be something special and not available to mere mortals.
In this presentation we will see how easy it is to create a new plug-in. What are the steps …

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Off to OpenWorld!

Just a quick note to say I’m leaving today for San Francisco to attend Oracle OpenWorld. I’ll be making my presentation on Thursday at 14:30, in Room 304. Look for IOUG: Oracle Database 11g –The Perfection of a Masterpiece (Session ID: S291070). I’ll be posting more about my OOW adventures here, so please stay tuned. I hope [...]

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