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I'm speaking about MySQL tools on BGOUG's spring conference

I will be speaking about MySQL at the Bulgarian Oracle Users Group's Spring Conference.

In furthering my mission to increase the MySQL knowledge among my countrymen I will try to give the grand tour of all the modern MySQL administrative and development tools that the MySQL team provides.

This will be the 3d BGOUG conference I'm speaking to. And I expect no less than the stellar organization and the great audience that I had the privilege to interact with during the previous 2 conferences.

We had a lot of fun too ! Parties from the last 2 conferences are …

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Come talk and listen about MySQL if you're from/near Bulgaria in May

The Bulgarian Oracle Users Group is holding its spring conference on 17-19 May. I'll be speaking about MySQL 5.6 and MySQL security on it.

There's still time to register (registration ends on 7 May). And the venue is great during this time of the year !

Upcoming MySQL Conferences

Unlike previous years when the number of conferences with MySQL content diminishes after the O’Reilly MySQL and OSCON conferences (Open SQL Camp excluded), this year has a lot on offer.

This month:

Upcoming next month in September:

  • MySQL Sunday at Oracle Open World on September 18 in San Francisco includes 4 tracks and around 15 quality speakers. (Big numbers of attendees also rumored but yet unconfirmed).
  • The inaugural Surge Scalability conference in Baltimore will include presentations by myself and …
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