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SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.5 Released

With SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.5, JSON comes to SQLyog. This is a new and major thing.  Also, Foreign Key management with NDB tables was added and the user- filter was improved in the User Manager. Additionally, some non-critical GUI bugs were fixed.

Changes as compared to MySQL GUI 12.2.4 include:


* Added basic support for the JSON datatype as of MySQL 5.7.8+ and MySQL Cluster 7.5.2+. The datatype is now available in the CREATE/ALTER TABLE dialog and JSON data will open in the BLOB-viewer. In the BLOB-viewer we have added validation that content is valid JSON. Also JSON-related keywords and functions are recognized in syntax highlighting and autocomplete. Also please see note at the bottom.
* SQLyog GUI now supports Foreign Key constraints between NDB tables for MySQL Cluster 7.3+.
* It is now possible to filter the users based on a string in the …

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MONyog MySQL Monitor 6.0 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 5.72) include:

* The MONyog API is enhanced with more options to manage servers registered in MONyog. Options now include calls to add/edit/remove servers. Refer documentation for full details.
* MONyog now supports Query analysis using Performance Schema tables (events_statements_summary_by_digest and events_statements_history_long tables). This feature is supported only for MySQL 5.6.14 and MariaDB 10.0 and above.
* Explain plan is available in Query analyzer for Slow_log table based logging and Processlist sniffer.
* An example query is now shown in detailed query view in Query analyzer if queries replaced with literals is selected.
* MONyog now has a configurable option to define the max. query length displayed. …

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SQLyog – Introducing Session Restore

Ever had this nightmare of your system crashing, or you accidentally closing SQLyog and losing all your open tabs and queries? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Introducing Session Restore. You can now restore your previous session along with all queries and history tab the way you left it. Here’s a quick video:

Session Restore is available for all SQLyog users. Existing customers can download the latest build from Customer Portal. To evaluate SQLyog, please download a 30-day trial.

We are very excited about this release, and hope that you will like it. We would love to hear your feedback.

Team SQLyog


The post …

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New SQLyog and MONyog coming – please upgrade soon!

We are about to release upgrades to both SQLyog and MONyog with an important fix: linked libraries possibly vulnerable to the ‘Heartbleed’ OpenSSL bug have been upgraded to non-affected versions (the new MONyog release will have a few more fixes as well).

Since this security issue became known a few days ago, media and Internet have swollen with information about vulnerable systems. There is probably both a lot of facts and fiction circulating.

A good summary appeared in the Percona blog. It mostly focuses on server-side vulnerabilities. However this blog indicates that the vulnerability may also be exploitable from clients linking a vulnerable OpenSSL version. SQLyog and MONyog users …

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Keeping up with New Releases

You can keep up with the latest developments in MySQL software in a number of ways, including various blogs and other channels. However, for the most correct (if somewhat dry and factual) information, you can go directly to the source. 

Major Releases 

For every major release, the MySQL docs team creates and maintains a "nutshell" page containing the significant changes in that release. For the current GA release (whatever that is) you'll find it at this location:

 At the moment, this redirects to the summary notes for MySQL 5.6. The notes for MySQL 5.7 are also available at that website, at the URL, and …

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Recent MySQL Announced Releases

Recently a several releases of MySQL Server were announced to our mailing lists. Do not miss following news:

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MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.57 Has Been Released

This is the current (and supposed to be the last) MONyog release in the 5.5x series.  Refer online documentation for details of changes in this and previous releases.  The major scope of all releases in 5.5x series has been improving stability, performance and responsiveness under heavy load -  such as large number of servers both registered and displayed at the same time, user activity by multiple users at the same time, ‘query sniffer’ running in the background etc.  We have worked with a number of customers using MONyog in such demanding environments during the 5.5x development phase.

Changes in this 5.57 release (as compared to 5.56) include:

Bug fixes:
* The rendering of Monitors and Dashboard …

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SQLyog 11 GA – your favorite MySQL GUI in 64 bit avatar


64 bit SQLyog is here. It’s no secret that you can make the most out of your PC only when you have the right combination of software, operating system and hardware. You can now take full advantage of your 64 bit environment for your MySQL needs. We are proud to offer the first 64 bit GUI client for Windows.

Additionally, if you are using 64 bit Microsoft Office 2013, SQLyog 11 will work out of the box with the 64 bit drivers shipped with it. Importing from Access, Excel or Text/CSV has never been easier.

Please refer the following posts for detailed release notes:

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Visually compare MySQL data and sync the differences

You had requested for a visual tool to compare two instances of a table to spot differences. We heard that. We are delighted to introduce Visual Data Compare (VDC) in SQLyog 10.5. It lets you do exactly that, and more. VDC allows you to compare two tables right next to each other making it easier to spot differences. It is a lot simpler than manually figuring it out all by yourselves.

VDC also doubles as an additional option for data sync. With VDC you will be able to compare differences visually and specify tables and rows that shall be synced as well as to decide in what direction to sync. It comes very handy when you want to copy lookup data from development databases to staging or production in cases where you for any reason don’t feel safe about having an automatic sync job running unattended in the background.

Visual Data Compare in action

What’s more in this release:

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SQLyog 10.4 improves usability with tens of thousands of databases or tables.

We have released SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.4. The 2 major new features are:

* Autocomplete speed/performance is drastically increased. This is the 3rd time we do this actually since autocomplete was introduced in SQLyog 5+ years ago. Our autocomplete implementation is one of the highest appreciated features of SQLyog according to a survey we did among registered users recently. However some slugginess could occur with a very large number (tens of thousands) databases on the server or a similar number of  tables or other objects in a database. Also a number of small bugs in autocomplete were fixed.

* Also when having a lot of databases, tables or other objects, operating a GUI tool may be tedious to work with (you may need to do a lot of scrolling, for instance). In this release we have implemented a filter in the Object Browser. It works like this: Database objects, where the typed …

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