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Accidental DBA’s Guide to MySQL Management
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Read the original article at Accidental DBA’s Guide to MySQL Management

So you’ve been tasked with managing the MySQL databases in your environment, but you’re not sure where to start.  Here’s the quick & dirty guide. Oh yeah, and for those who love our stuff, take a look to your right. See that subscribe button? Grab our newsletter!

1. Installation

The “yum” tool is your friend.  If you’re using debian, you’ll use apt-get but it’s very similar. You can do a “yum list” to see what packages are available. We prefer to use the Percona distribution of

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RDS or MySQL – Ten Use Cases
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Read the original article at RDS or MySQL – Ten Use Cases

Amazon’s Relational Database Service is based on MySQL under the hood.  So many colleagues and clients ask me – should I go with RDS or MySQL? As with every technology question, the answer is – it depends.

Here are some scenarios to help you decide.

  • I’m replicating into Amazon from a physical datacenter
  • A: This setup is common if you’re using Amazon’s VPC or Virtual Private Cloud.  With a router dropped into your datacenter, VPC allows you to extend and spinup virtual instances from Amazon as if they’re sitting in your own existing datacenter.  Great stuff, but you won’t be able to replicate from your existing

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    Best of Guide – Highlights of Our Popular Content
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    Read the original article at Best of Guide – Highlights of Our Popular Content

    We cherry pick the top 5 most popular posts of various topics we’ve covered in recent months.

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    Ten things to remember about MySQL backups
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    Read the original article at Ten things to remember about MySQL backups

  • Use Hot Backups
  • Hot backups are an excellent way to backup MySQL.  They can run without blocking your application, and save tons on restore time.  Percona’s xtrabackup tool is a great way to do this.  We wrote a how-to on using xtrabackup for hotbackups.

  • Use Logical Backups
  • Just because we love hot backups using xtrabackup doesn’t mean mysqldump isn’t useful.  Want to load data into Amazon RDS?  Want to isolate and load only one schema, or just

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    New Monitis MySQL Monitoring Tool’s Video
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    MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source database and platform for millions of web applications – it’s critical but cumbersome to monitor.

    Monitis’ MySQL monitoring provides three key benefits:

    » 246 potential monitoring variables
    » 21 aggregated, percentage-based metrics
    » Adjustable thresholds to separate real issues from false alarms


    » Monitor entire IT universe from one dashboard
    » Quick diagnosis & root cause detection

    » Cloud-based means no need to install, update or maintain it
    » Leaves you time to focus on more important things

    For a FREE trial, go to:

    New! Cloud-based MySQL Database Monitoring from Monitis
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    New feature provides significantly faster insight and root cause analysis

    SAN JOSE, Calif., February, 15, 2012Monitis, the leading cloud and web application monitoring software provider, today announces that it has added comprehensive MySQL database monitoring to its award-winning Application Performance Management & Monitoring platform. The robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool enables users to gain significantly faster insight when conducting root cause analysis.

    The MySQL monitoring feature includes 246 monitoring variables and more than 21 different metrics to provide one of the easiest to use, yet comprehensive database monitoring tools

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    M3 code refactor & DBI support
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    Pluggable M3 (Monitis Monitor Manager) Framework

    Who needs an introduction about M3? – Perhaps no one!
    After gaining some reputation with M3, providing extra-easy integration of any monitor into Monitis it was time to take it to the next level.

    Generally speaking, the work flow of M3 was described in detail in this article.

    After some thought and design, we’ve decided it’d be best if M3 was pluggable. Pluggable in

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    The Mythical MySQL DBA
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    Read the original article at The Mythical MySQL DBA

    I’ve  been getting more than my fair share of calls from recruiters of late. Even in this depressed economic climate where jobs are rarer than a cab at rush-hour, it’s heartening to know that tech engineers are in great demand. And it’s even more heartening to think that demand for MySQL DBAs has never been better.

    My reckoning was confirmed by a Bloomberg news report about stalwart retailers suffering from a dearth of talented engineers. Bloomberg cited Target’s outage-prone e-commerce site as a symptom of, among other things the market’s shortage. One of the challenges old-timers like Target face is having to compete with Silicon Valley startups

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    Book Review – Effective MySQL
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    Read the original article at Book Review – Effective MySQL

    Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements by Ronald Bradford No Nonsense, Readable, Practical, and Compact I like that this book is small; 150 pages means you can carry it easily.  It’s also very no nonsense.  It does not dig too deeply into theory unless it directly relates to your day-to-day needs.  And those needs probably cluster [...]

    For more articles like these go to iHeavy, Inc +1-212-533-6828

    18 LAMP Security Tips for MySQL
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    Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP — altogether they mean LAMP. I’m not talking about watts and bulbs.

    And if you desire is for a comprehensive, robust server, your IT infrastructure has to include all of these systems.

    Monitis has put together a checklist of 101 actions you can take to maximize security around LAMP.  Hopefully we’re shedding a little light around this issue for you to give you some new ideas on how to make

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