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SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.5 Released
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With SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.5, JSON comes to SQLyog. This is a new and major thing.  Also, Foreign Key management with NDB tables was added and the user- filter was improved in the User Manager. Additionally, some non-critical GUI bugs were fixed.

Changes as compared to MySQL GUI 12.2.4 include:


* Added basic support for the JSON datatype as of MySQL 5.7.8+ and MySQL Cluster 7.5.2+. The datatype is now available in the CREATE/ALTER TABLE dialog and JSON data will open in the BLOB-viewer. In the BLOB-viewer we have added validation that content is valid JSON. Also JSON-related …

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MySQL search database | MySQL search all tables
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“What will you do if one day some one ask you to find single string in all databases, all tables and in all columns?”

— This was asked to me once. There is some string in the database but I do not know where. There was a task to find an user’s details which is in the database which consists of many tables. And all I know is only the user name and do not know any other details. How am I supposed to find that string? I do not want to write some complex SQL for this. Digging more into this, I came across few GUI tools for MySQL which have good search feature.

So I am writing this blog about search feature in those tools. I shortlisted three client …

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HoneyMonitor v.1.0.16-beta released!
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We are pleased to announce the release 1.0.16 of HoneyMonitor, our GUI for MySQL™ administration and monitoring.

In this release, available for immediate download, we have fixed many bugs and included several improvements.

We are working to release a RC version as soon as possible.

The following is the list of changes:

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Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Customized Performance Report using HoneyMonitor
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Reading this article you will learn how to create a Customized Performance Report for one of your MySQL™ Servers using HoneyMonitor, a GUI for MySQL™ Server Administration, Monitoring & Performance Tuning.


  • Introduction
  • Step 1 - Choosing a File Name and Opening the Report Designer
  • Step 2 - Editing the SQL Queries …
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Performance Monitoring, Tuning & Auditing in MySQL® 5.1 - A GUI Approach - PART 1
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Revision: 8 - Last Update: September 03 2008

This is the first part of a series of short articles with a how-to approach about MySQL® Performance Monitoring, Tuning & Auditing. We will see the question from a GUI prospective. In particular we will describe which monitoring-oriented features HoneyMonitor, a GUI for MySQL® currently in alpha development, implements.

I will explain how HoneyMonitor let you

  1. install an audit database on your server, without the need of using 3th Party Agents nor using remote repository databases
  2. enable the auditing and start …
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HoneyMonitor Pro and Audit Pro Editions v.1.0.13-alpha released!
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[HoneyMonitor is a MySQLTM GUI Tool for WindowsTM Systems. Server Administration, Database and Database Objects Administration, Code Development, Server Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Performance Auditing. Read more on]

We are pleased to announce the availability of HoneyMonitor Pro and HoneyMonitor Audit Pro!

Press Release available at:

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