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Experimental GIT Mirrors of Percona XtraBackup, Percona Server plus Oracle MySQL trees

I recently blogged on setting up Experimental Git mirror of Oracle MySQL trees up on GitHub. I’m now happy to announce that there are also mirrors for:

I’ve also updated the Oracle MySQL GIT mirror to include MySQL 5.7 and the (now abandoned) MySQL 6.0. I include the abandoned 6.0 tree as it can provide useful archaeology as to where some code came from.

I’d love to hear about any positive/negative experiences using these mirrors. Hopefully shortly I’ll fix up the last …

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The Journey Continues ...

I was a leader in the Oracle community who joined MySQL two years ago to learn more about the open source world.  The two years at MySQL were fantastic.   The extraordinary camaraderie, spirit and energy of the company was unbelievable.  I worked with some fantastic people and made a number of life time friends. On Monday I become a full time employee of Oracle, so I've come full cycle.  

Oracle's Commitment to MySQL, MySQL Releases and Development Cycles

The last few weeks I am still being asked what is going on with Oracle and MySQL and where is MySQL with it's software releases.  So I am going to include some URLs to hopefully answer some of your questions regarding MySQL. Oracle's press release on December 14, 2009 regarding MySQL. Summary list MySQL software releases. A more detailed list can be

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