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Pythian’s Sessions at the MySQL Conference

Augusto Bott and myself had a wonderful time at April’s MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, California, and also at the coinciding MySQL Camp and Percona Performance Conference.

We presented two sessions at the conference, and we wanted to share the slides with you. The first one is called Proactive Operational Measures.

The second one is called 8 Simple Rules to Design Secure Applications.

Augusto and I promised that we would make the slides available online, so we’re sorry for the slight delay in getting them published. Enjoy!

Skipping the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009

I have been silent on the topic of this year’s MySQL conference, and really, silent in nearly all ways anyway. Today, as the MySQL Users Conference Conference and Expo 2009 starts up, some people will be wondering where I am, so I ought to at least answer that: I am skipping the conference this year.

As my wife can tell you, this is not a decision I’ve taken lightly, and I’ve gone back and forth on it for months and then down to the final days leading up to now. I’ve decided after much internal and external debate just to skip it all this year, including the side conferences and other stuff. Why? The reasons are basically:

  • It’s my opinion that the “state of the art” with MySQL has not changed, so I am not really missing much technical content to further myself. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on with Percona and Google’s work, but I largely follow that through blogs and mailing lists and …
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MySQL Camp 2007

I caught most of the second day of MySQL Camp 2007. It was fun and educational as before. The format was a little different than the last Camp; everything was in one room. Google and Proven Scaling provided food.

Sessions were loosely organized, to say the least, but that’s what an un-conference is [...]

MySQL Camp Free Ride goes to Adam Ritter

And, the winner is……

Adam Ritter, of Nashville, Tennessee has been selected by Proven Scaling for a free ride to MySQL Camp!

Adam’s enthusiasm and very quick (within the first few hours of my original post), yet courteous and complete entry impressed us. His excitement to learn, and professionalism sealed the deal. Here’s an excerpt from his entry:

My name is Adam Ritter and I’m a recent Computer Science graduate from UT Knoxville. I’m currently looking for a job and I realized that being a DBA is what I want to do. I had started working with MySQL back in a course on Database Design and Management course I took in school. This course started the fire inside of me but unfortunately, it was over all too soon and I was left wanting to learn more. I’ve …

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Free Ride Deadline Extended

I realized earlier that having the MySQL Camp Free Ride offer open for only 24 hours is a bit harsh, and needlessly short. I’ve extended the deadline to midnight, Friday, October 20 to give everyone a chance.

I’ve also clarified that the offer is open to all, not only to students.

Good luck!

Want a Free Ride to MySQL Camp?

Have you heard of MySQL Camp at Google HQ in Mountain View, California, November 10-12?

Want to go? Can’t go because it’s out in sunny (ha, ha) California, hundreds or thousands of miles/kilometers from where you live?

Maybe you’re a bright student, or maybe you’re currently unemployed, or maybe you’ve got a job, but you just can’t afford to jet out to Mountain View for the weekend. Maybe you contribute code, bug fixes, tools; maybe you run a MySQL Meetup, and just can’t bear the airfare.

Proven Scaling would like to sponsora one such person to attend MySQL Camp! We’ll pay for your airfare and hotel—meals and transportation are on you. If you think you are qualified, you live somewhere in the USA or Canadab and you …

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