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I had this patch for a while where one can get listing of both session and global temporary tables across all sessions. It really helped lot of times to understand the bottlenecks of some of the temporary table issues as MySQL never exposed them in the form of SHOW TABLES.

I also added a new status variable called ‘Created_tmp_heap_to_disk_tables‘, which keeps track of how many memory based temp tables are re-created back to disk based.

The patch is now ported to newer MySQL versions, both 5.0 and 5.1; and it works great on most of the platforms that I tested (Mac, Linux and Windows)

It introduces two new INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, TEMPORARY_TABLES and GLOBAL_TEMPORARY_TABLES along with supporting regular SHOW syntax

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Skipping the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009

I have been silent on the topic of this year’s MySQL conference, and really, silent in nearly all ways anyway. Today, as the MySQL Users Conference Conference and Expo 2009 starts up, some people will be wondering where I am, so I ought to at least answer that: I am skipping the conference this year.

As my wife can tell you, this is not a decision I’ve taken lightly, and I’ve gone back and forth on it for months and then down to the final days leading up to now. I’ve decided after much internal and external debate just to skip it all this year, including the side conferences and other stuff. Why? The reasons are basically:

  • It’s my opinion that the “state of the art” with MySQL has not changed, so I am not really missing much technical content to further myself. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on with Percona and Google’s work, but I largely follow that through blogs and mailing lists and …
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Making connections more manageable

For the past few weeks off and on, as part of Proven Scaling’s project to improve the MySQL server, I’ve been helping Joel Seligstein to really dig into the MySQL source code and add some features, in preparation for a much bigger feature coming up (more on that at a future date). He has now finished three smaller projects that have been on Proven Scaling’s and my own to-do list for quite some time: SET CONNECTION STATUS status, KILL connection_id WITH QUERY query_id, and SHOW … FOR CONNECTION connection_id.1


This patch adds a new SET CONNECTION STATUS status command, which allows each session to set a status which will be shown in a new …

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